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    I have decided that MP is my biggest problem. LOL! I go several months thinking it's finally all over, then I lose all energy and feel horrible with stomach aches for a week or so and look old and am cranky and then here it comes just like I'm still 30 yo- but it might last 3 days or 10 days, then I go thru a second puberty or something, then I start all over this stupid cycle again. I can't take hormones- at least I won't because I smoke and I knew a lady who got cancer a couple of years after taking that risk and a few years later she died. So I guess I'm stuck with it but I'm tired of this- it has been on like this for over a year. And that's not counting the other several years of hot flashes, disrupted sleep, etc. It is really hard to believe that this is normal.
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  2. Hound dog

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    Unfortunately it is quite normal. :(

    Menopause reeks.

    I'm glad I'm finally thru it. Mine started in the late 30's for pete's sake!

    Now my hot flashes are due to kidneys as is the insomnia ect. Lucky me, huh?

    Eating healthy, drinking lots of water helps some.

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    Boy, God sure was mad at us women, huh?

    Yep, someone on the board reminded me to drink a lot of water on a differrent thread a couple of weeks ago. I noticed that it really does help the way I feel and look, both.

    I'm sorry you are having those health problems, DL. I hope you get some relief soon. You already have more than you need to deal with.
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    Yes, peri-meno was really getting to me also. I hate the night sweats (especially now that it's warmer at night, ugh), the headaches, and I won't know until next month if I will still encounter the extremely heavy periods anymore. I am praying.

    Water and exercise are the only two things that I have found help at all. Tried all the supplements, etc., and nothing else does it. Well, homeopathic helps somewhat - have you tried anything in that dept?

    Hang in there, there is an end in sight.
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    Pick up some Estroven in the store. It has a combo of Black Cohash and something else that I haven't had enough coffee to remember the name of(it's probably just soy). Rose hips are helpful and get this stuff called Vitex. Vitex works wonders for regulating your cycle. Vitamin B complex will help with the mood swings (not that I'm saying you have them.....haha)