Female psychopaty, sociopath???

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    Does anyone have a child (especially a daughter) diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder, Psychopathy, Sociopath? How do they differ from males in syptoms, diagnosis, treatment? Does anyone have any advice on raising a teen daughter with these personality traits and behaviors? We certainly want to do anything we can to help her to grow up happy and healthy. We are at wits end trying to be responsible parents and not fall into the daily manipulations.
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    Reactive Attachment Disorder is similar to Antisocial Personality Disorder. I can give you links to both. I'm so sorry. Here is a commonality in antisocial personality disorder, Conduct Disorder and Attachment Disorder, all which are pretty much the same. They all three are individuals that lack a conscience or the ability to show empathy.

    An underdeveloped conscience. Children with reactive attachment disorder may act like they don’t have a conscience and fail to show guilt, regret, or remorse after behaving badly.


    I was unable to find a link for teen girls with Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) because it usually called Conduct Disorder. Here is a link to all personality disorders.


    Here is a link to Conduct Disorders in teenagers


    From having a child like this (we adopted him at 11) I can tell you straight out that they don't respond to any sort of the normal parenting or to natural consequences. And you sort of have to watch them at all times or they can hurt others badly (usually more vulnerable kids, like the disabled boy with CP, younger siblings, and animals). They are masters at hurting people and getting away with it because other kids are afraid of them.

    We sent our adopted son away. We had no choice. He had molested our younger children. If you have any, please be careful. I was told most OLDER adopted kids have been sexually abused along their paths. In boys, this makes them far more likely to act out on siblings or even animals. In girls, they may act out sexually too, but are more apt to become very promiscuous and/or to cry false abuse against parents and others. Has she been sexually abused? It seems so since she seems to be projecting past sexual abuse against you...
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    Thank you for the links and for everything!
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    Oh, no problem. I have soooooooooo been there and done that. Sadly, I decided never to foster or adopt again after the last child. Not only was it too risky, but it hurt everyone else in the family and broke my heart.

    (((Hugs))) and good luck.
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    Nice to meet you, Someday. Can't offer any advice ... just wanted to welcome you.