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    easy child asked me a question the other day. She does that but it was one of those driving down the road questions. The kind that you have to be careful not to drive off the side of the road. Also the kind you can't laugh at because it is a serious question in her world.

    She looks at me in the car and says."Mom not that I am planning to, if you have sex can you still use tampons?" I had to keep control of myself, of the vehicle, of everything. I glanced over to see how serious she was and saw she was very serious. I said "Yes" then I took a breathe and explained that those are muscles etc and the same place that a baby comes out of and it closes down. She goes "well I know that you still use them." Ummmmm I didn't ask the next thought in my head because I truly didn't want to freak her out but how does she think she came to be if I didn't have sex.

    Well tonight I came home from working and she was home. Which meant she hadn't gone to swimming practice. She told me that the reason she wasn't there was she couldn't get the tampon in. Now I had to almost sever my tongue off to not say "Well guess you haven't had sex yet then huh?"

    Of course I am going to have to find a time she and I can have a talk about this a little more. Not the tampons but the sex. Because if she is thinking about and obviously she is or the question wouldn't have come up we need to address some import issues once again.

    Why do they have to grow up? Anyway thought I would share that sorta funny with yall.

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    Oh the innocent children of ours! Gotta love those so serious trying our hardest not to laugh moments. Now you have time to think over how to start the coversation as you have to wait until you can think of this without smiling so big she asks what is so funny.

    This is one for the memory book that you share with her on her wedding day.
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    Beth, just be very glad she feels comfortable asking you about both sex and tampons. :) But yes, I think it's time to sit down with her and have a much more in depth discussion on the subject.

    Yup. They grow up too fast.

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    Are you sure she did not mean 'can you have sex while there is a tampon in there?' ????

    Wonder why she can not get it in? Does she already have one in?

    Forgive me if I am being too personal or graphic. But, I did have a friend when I was a teen that forgot she already had a tampon in and put another one in. She ended up with a severe infection.
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    I was wishing the same thing the other day watching Dude put speakers in my car and then just talking to me. My brain saw a little boy - but my eyes witnessed a young man....

    Innocence is so rare any more.