Few good updates I havent reported.

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    Monkey's school had an award ceremony on Friday and she got two awards! One for perfect attendance and one for Top AR reading. We are all thrilled.

    I dont think she is having as much trouble reading as her other grandmother thinks. Her teacher told me she is smack dab in average for her grade. No she isnt reading as fast or on as high a level as my kids did but she is doing fine. She tries to read anything she sees. I have to attempt to keep up with her when we are driving because she will see a sign with words on it and attempt to read it and I have to figure out if she was right or not...lol.

    My biggest news is that Jamie is starting college!!!! We never thought he would because he messed up signing up for the GI Bill. Also working as much as he does and having a family makes it hard. However a few weeks ago he was out on a call and the guy happened to be a VA counselor. This man asked Jamie if he had been to college and Jamie explained about the GI Bill fiasco but the guy told him that if he had been enlisted after 9/11 then there was another GI Bill he would be eligible for. What amazing news!

    Jamie wants to move up into his bosses job when that man retires. Jamie will have the most seniority at that point and would probably be able to get the job anyway but now he wants to get an associates degree in business with an emphasis on administration. He will be eligible for this post 9/11 bill to pay his entire tuition, his books and he gets over $1200 a month just to go. Now he has to take at least one class on campus but the rest can be online...oh and he has to take at least 12 credit hours a semester. He has 36 months to finish. He can do that easily.

    Jamie was my most average child. No one expected him to make straight A's because that just wasnt him. He was a because student most of his life. What amazed us though was when he went into the military he aced all his classes. They taught in a way that made sense to him. Now he has the confidence to believe he can do anything fairly easily. Im thrilled!
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    Congrats to Monkey! Great news about Jamie!
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    Great news all the way around! :)

    Aubrey was fortunate to get a really good teacher this year, regardless of her inexperience (her district hires new grads to keep cost down). There have been a few blips, but well that is just Aubrey. However she is reading at mid 3rd grade level at the very least.

    Reading is so important. Glad Monkey is doing well. There is nothing wrong with the level she is on......and her thirst to read.....well, she may take off yet. lol
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    Congrats to both of them and to grandma and mom!
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    I think her maternal grandma works harder with her than any of the rest of us. I did buy a ton of books at the library book sale and I have downloaded a ton of younger reader books off of Amazon but I dont make her read 3 or 4 books every weekend.

    I have made email contact with her teacher and she says Im doing perfect. She uses many of the same apps that I have on my phone and tablet. She told me not to push her too hard because she will think it is just a chore. She told me if Monkey reads a book to Mouse that is great. If she uses kids spelling games online then she is actually practicing school work even when she thinks she is playing. She said that actually gets the kids more involved than just sending busywork home with them. She also sent me a link to learn how they are now doing math...lol. It is so not like what I learned but after working with the link, I understand it much better. To me they are just adding steps but whatever. One day I will make a post showing how they are doing this math now...its bizarre!
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    I am so happy for Jamie, Janet.


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    Cool! So good to hear happy news about them both!
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    Nice to read such an "up" post, Janet. Lordy I sure hope Jamie's wife let's him have the time for classes. Twelve hours ifsfull time so he'll have alot on his plate. on the other hand I'm sure he inherited your brains and drive so I don't doubt for a sec that he can be successful. :) DDD
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    Great news Janet, I'm happy for Monkey and Jamie. YAY!
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    Cool Janet,
    I'm so happy for Monkey and Jamie.
    Good new's for sure.

    Hugs and love,