fiasco at shelter with-difficult child

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    so we went to shelter today difficult child and easy child and i. We took out the puppy that difficult child had eyed up and played with-her for a bit. very sweet, smart, about 3 1/2 mos. old. needs to be de flead and also a bath.

    so shelter says ok let's do a meet and greet with-your dog at home. i say ok are there any other apps on this dog i dont want to get difficult child's hopes up. no they tell me. she's yours if it works out.

    so we go home, difficult child did finish her hot chocolate this morning took a while but got it down, made her drink water and milk upon return home to get our dog.

    go back and bring our dog, we do the walk past eachother in p lot, for a long while. than we bring them into the dog park they have on the side. p.s. dog's get along. puppy was adorable with-our dog. she was relentless kept licking him, playing with-him. he barked at her a few times to tell her to back off a bit. yet our dog's so non aggressive trainer said puppy willl rule your dog there is no doubt.

    so shelter tell's me we're terribly over crowded if you want to take her today we'll supply you with-dog bed, bowl, food, etc. wow! i said well i have doctor appts for my daughter monday and tuesday didnt' really wanna take her home today. dog's shouldnt' be left home alone with-o supervision for a bit. i cave anyway due to difficult child's excitement. ask husband if he can be home monday he says yea no problem.

    leave to go and get her shake, than head to bank, easy child had to be dropped somewhere. shelter calls and says..........

    we checked out your application and called your vet your dog is due for his rabies in 2 days, and they have no record of your cats and also we have another app on this dog. a couple is coming by today with-their dog to do a meet and greet! WTF.. (word of mos.)

    so i tell her here's the deal our cats home is our basement and garage where their beds, toys, bowls are. they haven't gone to vet since we adopted them from there. took them once for shots they got terribly sick from vet and i will not bring them back, their fine and cats and well.

    i said i adopted B our dog now with-o any records having to be shown for the two cats we adopted prior to.

    i said how can you guys tell me no apps on this dog than get my kids' hopes up who is sick to only be let down? sooo unprofessional.

    long story short they wouldn't budge. so we gotta wait till monday see if she's still there (marley) difficult child named her. and if so speak to supervisor who i know to see if she'll let us take her with-o getting cats to vet for shots.

    so needless to say difficult child was beside herself upset. it took two hours to calm the kid down. so i try to do a good thing and it flops.

    we can't afford the other shelter there it's 175 to adopt. too much with-dog junk she'll need. trainer said what a shame i think the dogs would be great friends once they find their place at home.
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    I'd be PO'd. Was this someone higher up the ladder you talked to?
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    that comes monday if the dog is still there. amazing, right?? to go to all that trouble.
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    I can understand concern about the other animals being due for shots and wanting to place the puppy soon due to over-crowding, but if you already have an appointment for the big dog (and you can always order the rabies shots stuff and give it to the cats yourself, I've known plenty of people that gave their animals rabies shots themselves) and they misinformed you about the puppy's status or else placed you lower on the list due to shots due issue, they maybe shouldn't place the dog just yet until it's sorted out. on the other hand there are so many animals needing a good home I can't see denying one a chance at a home either.
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    yea we'll c what happens. puppies in shelters are in high demand. they just messed up basically. they should of ran application before telling me to run to bank to get money for it and they changed their protocol and procedures there. it used to be for cats u did not have to give them proof of shots. and we can't afford to go run cats to vet also to get shots and probably a virus again lol like last time. dog is different already contacted vet for rabies shot.

    i told difficult child we'll c what happens and whats meant to be with the puppy. if it's truly meant to be it'll fall into place, if not it won't. i told her sometimes life just is that way. she's fine now and hopeful that monday it'll be available and that they'll let us take her.

    she's sweet but a busy girl. i can see how she'll really get our dog going with play outside. tmrw is halloween, we got difficult child a costume and i told her id' walk her two blocks to get stuff. i'll start on our block and see if she can do it. than it's back home. she's sad no friends to trick or treat with, no parties to go to. last year we had a party and she invited some kids from class. halloween is usually our holiday i have a fog machine, we make dead ppl and put on our lawn :) this year will be quiet.