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    Okay i didnt want to talk to soon, but I no longer have fibromyalgia. Im claiming that its gone. I know longer take the savella. I havent for 6 weeks and two days. Not one pain, not one, no sleepiness, no fog nothing. The trick for me was an old tricyclic anti depressant anafranil. I had take it many years for depression and a little Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) tendacies, but then a dr took me off of it and said it was an older medicine and that they had new medications that I should try. SHould have stayed on it. Immediately i woke up after a few days of taking it and my range of motion was wonderful and i wasnt sore. I was so thankful for that day, but thought it was just a fluke, No Pain medicines nothing no tylenol even. Im walking like I am alive. Im not saying this will work with everyone but its worth a try, I just found the article today and it talks about the tricylic medications and how beneficial they are. It's worth a try, I know when I had it that I would have almost done anythng to get out of feeling that way.,,20326413_3,00.html
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    I'm happy for you Jody. Hugs DDD
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    So glad that you feel better and can move around easier!!
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    Wow that is amazing. Congratulations.
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    thank you so much, i cant believe how i feel and i am losing a little weight since i am able to move more. going to join the local fitclub and stat out with exercising in the swimming pool.