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    Well difficult child is back. husband picked him up, so I have to go talk to teachers and pick up medication bottles Monday. All his medications are sitting in sandwich bags!

    difficult child said he never put his patches on, the teachers did not have scissors to cut them open with. Well, difficult child has told too many stories for me to completely believe that one. I said so no one ever gave you a patch to put on? He said that they gave them to him and they weren't cut open. I asked if he asked them to cut it open. I asked him if the teachers had pocket knives. He said they could not have knives, knives weren't allowed and they did not have scissors. I asked again and got the same answer. I told him to stop and listen to my question, that was not what I asked. I repeteaded myself again, and he said he did not ask. What did you do with your patches? He threw them in the toilet.:surprise: Next field trip I will cut open patches ahead of time and talk to teachers and tell them they have to check to be sure that he put patch on.

    He had a great time, jumped in the lake, ate oatmeal that was the best he ever ate, did lots of fun stuff and got to sit next to a campfire. The school never called me at all, and most of the time no news is good news. I will check next week on Monday, but I think all went well. I am curious to see how his behavior was with no stims, he could have been kept busy enough that it may have been ok. None of the teachers were familiar with daytrana, guess I need to educate them!

    I have a good feeling about this school, but I am going to have to work with difficult child on communicating with me and with the teachers to send home written notes or e-mails to me. Nothing too serious, I think it is just a matter of breaking in new teachers and a new school.
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    Yes you'll have to educate the staff, and they'll need to understand (if this situation ever happens again) that they need to SUPERVISE the application of the patch. Just like they wouldn't (or shouldn't) just hand a kid their baggie of medications and walk off without making sure THEY took the medications (and didn't toss or give them to someone esle).

    Glad he had a good time, and I hope that the "no news" really means things went as well as it sounds. :D