Filling out stupid paperwork and came accross this

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    Listed below are items concerning children's behavior or the problems they sometimes have. Read each item carefully and decide how much you think your child has been bothered by this problem during the last month.

    Ok this makes no sense. I don't think he is bothered by any of his behaviors if that is what they mean. If they mean has he had them (which was on the main questionaire) then yes he has tons. This confuses me. I don't like how it is worded.

    How would you take what it means???

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    It is worded dorky.

    How much were YOU bothered by it, right?
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    They had sections about me and how I felt. This is for him. Like I can guess how he feels (I don't want to know what's in his head). I know what behaviors he has but if that is what they want why am I doing it a second time.

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    how often did this bothersome behavior occur, this is what I was told. If it is about thoughts,

    Give it to him to fill out. Or just call and have THEM give it to him.

    This is for one who lives at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) now, right?? I would refuse to fill out any current behavior/thought stuff as you have not lived with him.

    Just my thoughts. (See?? I give them to you!)

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    I know the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) got paperwork for them to fill out also.

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    You're right. It is worded poorly.
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    :crazy2: :rofl:
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    I read it to mean (example) outbursts in class

    How has this behavior affected your child:

    My answer would be:

    My child's inability to sit still it due to ADHD and CD. He is currently on medication X in an effort to help his disability. I further think his behavior makes him a challenge to teach and socially ostracized by the other children. Being set apart from other children at this age is more than likely damaging his self esteem, which in turn gives him a sullen and morose outlook on life thus affecting his ability to do well in class. I am open to any suggestions you have that his psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist, MD, and self have yet to discover in an all out effort to help my son.

    by the way - I got no response from the teacher when I wrote that. It left me know she was clueless. So I started sending her computer printed articles on CD. She sent one note saying "Thanks for the literature." that was it.