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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Jun 16, 2009.

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    difficult child managed to get 3 B's and a D+ on his final exams. Resulting in a quarter grade of B, C+, C+ and C. I am disappointed because I know if he only DID his work he could of done so much better. But yet I am happy - he has now earned 8 credits this Freshman year.
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    Wonerful! My kids grades are all mixed up:

    easy child (yes the wonderful kid) - Math C, Science D, English B, History D, Religon (required by school) F, Band - B. (will be in summer school - Why can't he take that wonderful attitude and apply it to school work!)

    difficult child (95% of all my troubles) - Report's not in yet but it looks like mostly As with one B in spanish, mostly honors classes. Each teacher at his school was allowed to give only four academic awards to students. (4 awards per teacher not class, If one teacher has 5 classes that is less then one award per class). Three of difficult child's teachers gave him an academic award.

    difficult child in training - Bs and Cs. mix.

    If I could only have PS's attitude with difficult child's study skills! Oh what a life that would be! But then again I think difficult child's over the top conserns for his grades are part of the fustrations that make him a difficult child. And I would rather have a happy child.