Finally A Day & Night to Myself (SO EXCITED)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Cass1, Nov 27, 2009.

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    Im so excited and wanted to share with everyone I actually have a day & night to myself Saturday :) Myself and a couple girlfriends have planned a girls day we are going to spend the day shopping & going to our favourite country craft & candle store ;) then we are having a nice dinner and having a been a long time since Ive been able to do this and Im soo looking forward to this and am deffinatly needing it ..My daughters friend sent me a couple bottles of wine from Spain last month so Ive been saving it for our girls night should be a good night :) :) can you tell Im very very excited ;) Everyone have a good weekend your all in my thoughts & prayers and to all my amercian board friends I hope you all had a good thanksgiving :) XO
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    Have a great time, Cass! You'll have to tell us all about it when you get back :D I'm a little bit jealous!
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    Wow! Awesome! That is GREAT. Enjoy!!!
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    So Saturday has come and gone and it deffinatly wasnt the kind of day I was hoping for but I made the best of it.My one friend (girlfriend) who planned the days event at one time was diagnosed with bipolar which she feels is a wrong diagnosis so does not take the medications her Dr gives her.So throughout our day of shopping I felt as though I was hanging out with my difficult child#1,there was 4 girls including myself I brought my daughter along difficult child#2(whome is doing well right now on her medications) as she doesnt get much of a break from her son.My daughter even noticed that my girlfriend was having a affect on my day,my girlfriend would cut me off in conversation,acted at times like I wasnt even there and when she would bring up things and I would try to get in on the conversation she would just ignore what I was saying and keep talking.As the night went on the situation just started to feel more uncompfortable and it was giving me anxiety so my daughter & I decided to go home I had enough and my stomach was in knots.
    So all in all I really enjoyed the time with my daughter we got some good stuff shopping and had a really great dinner,I made the best of a tough situation and tried to enjoy my break for the most part.From dealing with difficult child#1 so often and being educated on the illness I have learned over time how to deal with these sitiuations and I think I made the right choice by going home when I did.Sunday ended up being a really nice day spent with my hubby & easy child son :)