Finally! A normal parenting incident!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mstang67chic, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. mstang67chic

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    Let's just hope I don't jinx things by posting about it but....

    One of the guys I work with (M) has a SO whose daughter (still with me??LOL) goes to school with difficult child. M was telling me that this girl (L) likes difficult child and he's always talking to her at school, walks her to class, etc. L had asked difficult child if he wanted to go to the Christmas formal but he said he didn't know if he could because he might have to work. (Ahem....he doesn't have a job) I hadn't heard one word about this dance so husband and I asked him about it. (He's never gone to any dances, games or anything throughout high school. We would let him and would love for him to "get out there" but he's never brought it up) difficult child only likes this girl as a friend but he's decided to go and called her up and asked her! I'm a little concerned that he might break L's heart but otherwise I'm so excited! This is one of very few "normal" things that we've gotten to do! Hopefully this weekend I will take difficult child suit shopping (had to explain that suit pants do NOT hang off your backside so that should be interesting! LOL) and then we have to order the corsage, etc. Since difficult child doesn't drive yet, I told him I would see if I could borrow a nice/snazzy car from the dealership I work at to take them to the dance in.

    I think I'm more excited about this than L is!!! :dance: I was really starting to wonder if we would ever get to do anything like this! The dance is on the 8th so I'll be sure to post pics somewhere so I can share! (just keep your fingers crossed that it goes well!)
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    I am so happy for you/him, and so glad you explained how suit pants fit!!! :bravo: :rofl:
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    Now THAT'S cool!

    Do you by any chance work, Mustang Chick?
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    How wonderful. Hope suit shopping goes well!
  5. mstang67chic

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    *snort* Um....yeah, actually I do! LOL The dealership is actually comprised of a Chevy dealership on one side of the property and a Ford dealership on the other side of the property.
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    :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

    It's so nice when that happens!
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    I will take difficult child suit shopping (had to explain that suit pants do NOT hang off your backside so that should be interesting! LOL)

  8. mstang67chic

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    Took difficult child to pick out and get measured for a suit. (Decided to rent one as he'll probably never wear it again if I buy it) I made sure to point out his waist when he was measured from waist to floor. :rofl: He came up to me today and said that wearing his pants up that high is actually kind of comfy. (Yet, his pants were still waaaay below his belly button instead of just an inch. I had him pull them up to his actual waist and you would have thought I made him wear them at his arm pits! LOL)

    We know what color dress L is wearing, found out what kind of flowers she likes, I have a vehicle picked out to chauffer them around in and they've picked out where they want to eat before the dance. We still have to find out how much pictures will be at the dance and I'm reeeeally hoping that her mom offers to foot some of this. (Cause ya know, TECHNICALLY L asked difficult child first! :wink: ) Seriously though, I hope her mom chips in. I started adding this up in my head and :crazy2: wow. (And this is just the Christmas formal. I shudder to think of prom. Hope difficult child has a job by then!) 13 days and counting!

  9. jannie

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    Sounds wonderful !! I'm so glad you are able to partake in some typical parenting..... :bravo: I hope the two of them have a great time....
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    How awesome to have some typical parenting moments!!! I hope all goes well-will be looking forward to the update.
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    Good for you guys!