Finally! difficult child's Dad lol

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    When difficult child went to the hospital, I joked with my husband that I had hoped they would keep difficult child's dad there too.

    I think he might have some mental health issues too (He was verbally abusive during our marriage. He would throw things and punch his fists in the walls, etc.).

    Anyway, the social worker that has been coming to the house to meet with me and difficult child finally met the Ex on Friday.

    He met with difficult child and his Dad again on Saturday. He called me yesterday to see how things were going and mentioned that his role with us was going to change. He said he is going focus more on the EX and his relationship with difficult child.

    Finally! I'm just glad someone else is starting to see it. lol

    Seriously, though I do hope the Ex can get some help and this in turn will help difficult child. difficult child's Dad seems to focus only on himself. When I try to talk to him about difficult child's issues, all he wants to talk about is how it's affecting him and what it's doing to him.

    difficult child has his first appointment with a counselor tomorrow morning, so I hope it goes well.
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    hands the GRAMMY to you - cause you deserve it for best supporting role as a wife to a :censored2: during those difficult years without being recognized.

    Glad you finally have some support.