Finally getting contacts after a year

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Sheesh, I figured it would be easier than this and I don't know why. It is, after all, difficult child. :)

    He gave up last yr after trying, and failing, repeatedly, to get contacts in his eyes and we never made it out of the office with-a scrip.

    Went through the entire thing again today, except that this time, a tech put the contacts in, and it took her half doz tries with-ea eye! I think he was blinking too much and she needed to keep his eyes open with-a backhoe instead of her cute little fingers. ;)
    She called in another tech, who redid some of the readings, and mumbled something about astigmatism, acted like he was going to leave, and I said, "Wait, can you please explain to difficult child what astigmatism is?"
    He explained it in terms of sports (football, basketball shapes) and then I added, "When I was your age, if we had astigmatism, we couldn't wear contacts because they were hard lenses. Now, with soft lenses, you can do anything."
    The dr came in and noted that difficult child has a LOT of astigmatism and that it will take about 3 tries with-different lenses (preferably toric), so at least we have an idea of the trial and error process. difficult child thought we'd zip in and out and it actually took 2 hrs.

    He's got new glasses (his eyes have changed a lot just in the past yr) and can't see with-o them, so I don't have to bug him at all to wear them. He even wore them to bed the first night, lol!

    Poor kid, he seems to have gotten the worst genes in the entire family tree. Neither of his bio parents wore glasses, although both had braces, and his teeth are straight. Go figure.
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    Terry - I have always had really bad eyesight with stigmatisms = at 10 I had bifocals - at 11 I got my first pair of contact lenses. They were hard because prior to that, the contacts covered your WHOLE eye, not just the Iris. And I have worn them my entire life almost - 50 years. I remember them telling my mother that the hard lens would go a long way on keeping my eyesight from getting worse as it corrects to almost 100%.

    Last year I decided to give soft lenses a go - FORGET IT. I could not only NOT get them in, I could not get them out to save my soul. doctor put them in and I told her I couldn't see as clearly -apparently that is the case with soft lenses vrs hard.

    Not to mention we had a disagreement over the dang mirror. She kept wanting me to use it to put them in but the doctor with my first pair wouldn't allow me to try to put them in or out with a mirror "because you are not going to have a mirror available every where you go". I did try but its one thing having a lens on your finger, looking past the lens to put it in while your other eye is shut and putting it towards one eye and another actually looking at yourself trying to stick something in your eye.

    It kinda hovered about the soft lens because I was soooo looking forward to getting some of those different eye colors LOL

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    My two oldest easy child's have never been able to transition to contacts. Funny or strange because they have entirely different personalities and are of opposite sex. on the other hand they are both very successful professionals in their fifties and are perfectly happy wearing glasses. My easy child daughter had to have braces and had acne. Geez! She is an awesome woman but those years were rough. DDD
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    Billy needs to use contacts because his psoriasis is so bad where his glasses sit on his face and ears but he cannot get past the blinking issues to save his life. He just went to the eye doctor about three weeks ago and they just couldnt manage it.

    I tried contacts when I was working about 15 years ago and I loved them but I have such dry eyes and even dry other much membranes that I was putting drops in so often it was awful. I was always feeling like I had sand in my eyes. Other than that I loved wearing them because I hate wearing my glasses. I should be wearing bifocals but I cant get used to them. I end up having a pair of long distance tinted glasses in the car for distance driving and I am supposed to have a pair of bifocals in the house but I lost those several years ago. I think they either fell out of my purse in the yard and got run over or they got eaten by some dog. I dont know. I need to get to an eye doctor soon though and maybe I will try contacts again. They have better ones now. They have a really good chain near me called America's Best where you can get 2 pair for 69 bucks and the exam is free. Now if you get the exam for contacts the exam is 100 but that also includes the two pair of glasses too. Not a bad deal. I think the bifocals are a bit more...maybe a 100 instead of 69 so it may cost me about 120 or so but still...if I get out of there for around 150 or so that is a cheap visit for an eye exam with two pair of glasses and contacts.
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    Thank you all.
    Marcie, you should be able to put in your contacts any way you want. Sheesh.
    Yes, my son is looking forward to colors, too.
    DDD, yeah, strange about the braces and acne. No fair!
    Janet, Google ate my glasses 2 yrs ago. $400. Can't believe I spent that much to begin with. Won't do THAT any more. That's what I get for getting a "free" dog. :(