Finally got our IEP!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by whateveryousay2007, Mar 13, 2008.

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    After 3 cancellations (due to snow) we finally got our IEP!

    I'm so pleased with the results. He qualified for Speech (no question there). I was shocked that he didn't qualify for language. He has an excellent grasp on language, but he just doesn't get the non-verbal or abstract well. But he scored above state standards in everything (4.5 grade level) and he's in the 3rd grade.

    They have to put a label on your kids IEP to have a "legit" disability. Since there isn't one for Asperger's they listed him under Autism. He automatically gets speech therapy for 3 years.

    They've also set it up to work on his social skills. How to maintain eye contact, conversations, knowing when he's had too much (stimulation) (take a break), break the tilted head habit, maintain conversations with jumping to area of interest, etc.

    Since he does get overwhelmed easily they've designed "standardized testing" to suit his needs. TCAP testing is a long test. His is designed to tackle one area at a time in a reasonable time span with breaks. Finally they get it!

    Another cool thing is they've come up with "social cue cards" for him and the teacher to use during class without him having someone in his face over something minor. And he gets to stay in "regular" classes with adjusted education to suit him.

    If he's overwhelmed or doesn't understand he shows the appropriate card (without interrupting the teacher) and she responds without stressing him out.

    I didn't think it would work but they've been using it for six weeks and 3 B's have come up to A's. Amazing...and outbursts/meltdowns have diminished. We're in the process of getting our own social cue cards for when we're in public to cut down on issues.

    And he's allowed a portable CD/MP3 player at school/bus to block out "sensory" problems. The bus ride is stressful for him and this helps.

    Sorry I ranted so long but I feel that this is real progress and wanted to share.
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    Yeah! It's always so nice to hear that the school has stepped up to the plate and is providing what is needed.
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    I'm so happy to hear you are pleased with the results of the IEP.....that's wonderful!!!!!!!:D
  4. Congrats, this sounds like a wonderful plan. It is so exciting to see a educational system putting forth this good effort.
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    How fabulous!!! I'm so glad to hear that they're willing to work with you and difficult child. It really sounds like you've got some concrete goals and really good ways to help him get there.

    I'm just tickled for you!! Well done, :warrior: mom!
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    That is great news! It usually takes so long to get the plan in place that valuable years are missed. Your child will have a real chance to excel starting at that young age. Congrats! DDD