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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Tiapet, Apr 10, 2013.

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    So what is the longest IEP meeting you've ever had?

    Of all the IEP meetings I've ever had to attend I think this one broke the proverbial record!

    In at 10:30 out....... just after 1:30.

    Then come to find out that while we thought they were typing up the IEP as we were going along, they actually had drafted it (they said they were but it wasn't pre-populated) there is a section for notes already written in that stated some things that we never even discussed or did and I signed it!!! GRRRR! You see the SPED supervisor was there chairing it and she was handwriting the notes part of it. This is another thing that I know the "notes" part of it wrong!

    So tell me guru's what do I do now? I've never had this one happen. It's a signed IEP. Can I ask them to go and strike that out, remove that and recopy the IEP somehow? There is no way to possibly get the at least 15 people or more to resign it.
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    Ieps can be changed at any time

    In future, never ever sign an iep at a meeting. It was inappropriate of them to even ask that of you. Always take it home for review

    Now, I'd write a letter saying that you signed the iep thinking it only contained what you discussed at the meeting, but you see that this is not so, therefore you do not agree with the current proposed iep. They do not need another meeting to revise it. Send your suggestions and ask for it to be changed.
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    Thankfully, our schools have REFUSED to have signing done at the meeting - they take the handwritten notes, type it up into "formal", and send around as DRAFT for feedback first. Signing at the meeting is just a way to railroad you into stuff.
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    Buddy's suggestion is perfect. That is exactly the way it should be handled. Make sure to send that Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested (or hand-deliver it and have someone sign and date they received it) asap before they have a chance to fully enact the things you disagree with.