FINALLY - psychiatric evaluation Results

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JKF, Nov 29, 2011.

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    So I finally just got the results from difficult child's last psychiatric evaluation which took place in October. This psychiatric evaluation was given by a Dr. the CMO has been working with for quite some time. I have been asking the CMO to forward the report to me for at least a month now. I finally just got it and I'm blown away!

    It appears that difficult child has officially been diagnosed with Bipolar - Mixed Episodes, Impulse Disorder, and Conduct Disorder with Antisocial Traits. While I'm relieved to finally have this diagnosis I'm also sad because unless difficult child continues to get the help he needs he's not going to be able to live a stable life. I have known for years that something was seriously wrong and had mentioned bipolar numerous times. Not sure why it took this long for the diagnosis.

    Anyway, the psychiatric evaluation goes on to say that difficult child is very angry, has questionable morals, and has a hard time controlling his impulses. There are also some very specific things in there about difficult child wanting to harm me and him feeling that he can't come home because of that. But then there are times when he contradicts himself and says how much he wants to come home and that things will be ok if I would let him come back. It's very very sad.

    It also says that the recommendation for difficult child is "that he remain in residential care for the time being. He is at risk of “aging out” of the system and being left to flounder on his own. Efforts should be made towards building a level of independence for this young man prior to him reaching the age of maturity. Enrollment in an Independent Living program would likely be the most beneficial path for him, as he needs to become prepared for surviving on his own in the world."

    ^^I couldn't have said it any better! I just hope the CMO agrees when it's time to find him this kind of placement.

    At least now there is an official diagnosis and recommendation and I have all of this on record.
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    I am glad that there may be help available to him as he gets older due to his diagnosis's, but I know it must have been hard to read that report. For me, when it is writing? Black and white on paper? It hits me really hard.
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    So glad you finally got the written report. Waiting for the results is so hard! Reading the results is even harder. I know it is strange "seeing" the problems in writing but it will be invaluable as you seek help in the future. Hugs. DDD
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    It is definitely very difficult to see it in black and white! Took me by surprise! I was very emotional while reading the report but like I said, I'm glad that there is finally something on paper backing up what I've been trying to tell these people all along!!! I'm relieved but I know that there is still a LONG road ahead with difficult child.
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    Gosh!Why did it take them so long?
    I'd be going for a custodial agreement so you can make him take his medications, and carry him on insurance if need be. Just a thought.