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    difficult child is on the Adderall and Risperdal for his ADHD/ODD. I cannot tell you the HUGE difference it has made in him. He's like a different kid. He's so enjoyable to be around now. I miss him so much when he's not here. I want to come home to be with him instead of dreading it. He has gotten stellar reports from daycare and school saying he is the best he has ever been! I hope and pray that his behavior contiunes. He is definitely less defiant and less moody. The Risperdal has been a godsend for us. I just had to tell everyone how happy I am and hope this continues! I think we found the right combo for our difficult child! Prayers sent out to those who are struggling right now. I have been there and it's hard. HUGS!

    difficult child--ADHD/ODD Adderall and Risperdal

    Me--ADD Zoloft and occassional Concerta

    husband--great hubby and father

    easy child--14 mo old boy!
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    I am so happy for difficult child and your entire family ! I will tell you that finding the right medications are so key. We had so many trials and tribulations and finally (fingers crossed) difficult child finally seems to be on the right track. His ODD is still an issue and perhaps a mood stabilzier may benefit him ... he has a psychiatrist appointment this afternoon for follow up. Congrats and I wish you all many great days ahead !
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    Great news! I hope it continues to go well for your family and difficult child!
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    I love to hear a positive story! I hope it continues.
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