Finally someone at the docs who will help Jess!

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    Jess woke up in the middle of the night crying. she made it to my room about 4 am. her back was in a major muscle spasm.

    She had to go take a test this morning before school. I had arranged to take her in then have a "Mom and thank you" breakfast at his favorite diner - a RARE treat for us.

    We finally got her to school. the VP agreed that she needed extra time between classes and gave her a note.

    She called me at 9:30 to come get her. So she made the day through the middle of her 2nd hour class. More than I thought she would do, actually.

    This is NOT the first time. She has had this happen many times.

    I could ONLY get an appointment with the nurse practitioner. I was not 100% thrilled with-that, but took it.

    I was WOWED! Very thorough, understood the history adn that Jess has worked HARD to process the trauma and PTSD so that is NOT the cause.

    Also understood the epilepsy and how it causes the falls Jess has.

    She did a full panel of xrays. I will get the results later. Made some AWESOME suggestions for school - such as make sure Jess is NOT up on the bleachers during any choir because she has a greater risk of falling. I had never thought about that.

    She also recognized that Jessie's chest may play a role. But she doesn't want to look at that until she rules out many other things. (The guy docs assume it is your chest and say Bye in a hurry, sadly. been there done that several times.)

    I still don't know why jess keeps getting this. It is very real pain and tendon/muscle involvement. We have palliative care (muscle relaxers and aleve) which the male docs will NOT prescribe.

    But I think we have someone paying attention now, so we will maybe figure this out.
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    Wow, this is great news.

    I've had great luck with CNP's. I've dealt with more MD'shysicians that CNP's, but I've never had a bad CNP. Plenty of bad MD's, tho.

    I hope she can give Jess some real help!
  3. flutterbee

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    I'm so glad to hear this news!

    Have they run an electrolyte panel? I seem to remember her having some bowel issues. An electrolyte imbalance could cause muscle spasms.

    Our GP is referring difficult child to an orthopedist for her recurring spasms that are now effecting her entire right leg (from ankle to hip) and lower back (just like her mom...poor kid). She said she wasn't sure whether to start with ortho or neuro, so decided on ortho first.

    Sounds like this CNP is really on the ball. I'm really glad you're getting somewhere.
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    I'm glad someone is finally listening and trying to help!
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    Glad someone is trying to find the cause. Has she had a blood workup done recently? I'm glad NP gave her something to help, too. Keeping fingers crossed you can find out what is going on and treat it. Those spasms sound mightly painful.

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    Glad you found someone that pays attention! I prefer CNP's to docs in many cases...they seem to have a better handle on current issues and medications and do a better job of explaining things to you. Hope Jess gets some relief ASAP!