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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by AmyH, Apr 7, 2008.

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    I have been trying to get an intervention for difficult child since the end of last year. The school counselor did not seem to want to do anything to help.

    They placed him on a 504 in Nov. but no one followes it. He is supposed to have an agenda checked daily by the teachers and a peer buddy to help him with organization. Well, the teachers have not written a thing in the agenda in over 5 weeks. And he has never had a buddy. So I would talk to the Principal and then the school counselor and would get no where. Only they are doing their best. The teachers told me at conferences that they would pass him no matter what so to me that sounded like well who gives a poop.

    Well after months of frustration and trying to get difficult child academically and psychologically tested and the counselor stopping me at every turn. I sent a letter to the District Psychologist and the Superentendient of the school system. I got a call on Sunday! Sunday, wow they conferenced me with both of them and I told mine and difficult child's stories and the school counselor emailed me this morning saying that I could come buy when ever I wanted to sigh the consents for testing.

    The psychologist told me to fight hard. She said she may work for the district but her passion is the kids and by hearing about what is going on with difficult child he needs help fast. Before middle school next year.

    I am so HAPPY!!!!:D
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    I'm delighted for you!

    Letters can sometimes move mountains. lol Paper trails are very important.
  3. That is so great! I wish I would have had some help like that last year before middle school for my difficult child.

    I wish you luck.