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  1. barbie

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    Eric's SSI was approved, the first time around. Im so happy. (its prolly cause I havent gotten home yet)
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    Excellent. You were fortunate. I don't know many parents who've been able to get it for a young child with your son's issues.

    Good job, Mom.
  3. Big Bad Kitty

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    Good on you! I've been denied twice for myself. I'm glad they put your son's through the first time.
  4. barbie

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    I think the biggest determining factor was number one all of his issues, ADHD, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified, ODD, Developmental, Speech, Adaptive, Social/Cognitive delays, Asthma, Eczema, GERD, Allergies to: eggs, cows milk, wheat, soy, corn, codfish, peanuts, walnuts, gluten, pork, and beef. The fact that from April of 2007 to March of 2008 he was kicked out of 8, yes eight daycares for behavior problems, and all of those things compounded into one 4yr old boy, and documented by not one but between 7 different doctors, and two behavior therapists, and one social worker, all in some strange agreement that they had pieces but never one clear picture.

    The state disability worker was a BIG help, she is a former teacher for kids with special needs and she got the statement from Eric's EIP teacher and on top of that all those things listed up there, she understood this is not just a one issue kinda kid and its going to take us a long time to get to where there is some sense of normalcy in our day to day lives.

    Just today Eric had ANOTHER HUGE tantrum lasted like 20 minutes in the daycare, over a seating arrangement, he had to be taken out of his classroom, and sat out for a while, the daycare director also admits that Eric instead of making progress, his tantrums are becoming more explosive, and are longer in duration, and more aggressive. He is saying more words, but that makes him harder to understand cause hes so fidgety, he cant sit still to get the sentence out and you cant understand him anyways. He is making less eye contact with us, he was dressing himself, now he has trouble figuring out his clothes (maybe he's more fashion conscious). He used to feed himself, now he cries cause he cant do it. Whats worse is I read the explosive child and unfortunately, Eric doesnt have any particular triggers and I cant negotiate with him cause he cant verbalize well enough to provide his input. We are going backwards, instead of forward. Last two weeks, welll, since he got his vaccines again he got more aggressive, its not me noticing it alone.