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    Finally after 2 years after trying to get my difficult child help for his ADHD the doctors FINALLY agree with me that he needs to be on medacation, So he starts them in the morning. On the second day of school (he's in kindergarden) I got a phone call and on the third day another call and then on the forth day of school I had to go sit with him in school, So things needed to be done.

    We go back to the doctor friday to see if they need to reajust his medications, or if this dose will work. I just happy that finally he's getting the help he needs and has needed for awhile now. Do I think medacation alone is the answer NO I don't, But he needs it now when his ADHD wont let him learn..:D
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    I hope it works out for your difficult child. What medication did the doctor prescribe and at what dose? Often it's a trial and error process so don't be surprised if there is an adjustment period.
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    I am sending wishes for success to your child, and I hope all goes well today! :D Smallworld makes a good point about (medications) trial and error.

    Hang in there and continue to keep a good eye on things.