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    Our school year has ended! Duckie was dismissed at noon and is with my aunt and all her cousins on her way to another amusement park. She was sad to leave school today because she'll miss her teachers but we are optimistic for next year. I'll spend my evening prepping for her summer pool party and our 30+ little guests (and a bunch of parents too!) tomorrow.

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    WOW! Your school lasts WAY into the summer!! My son has been out since May 27 and final grades for Jess arrived by May 6. I am glad she is out and you can enjoy your summer. Have a great time at the pool party!! Be sure that whatever you do you make sure MOM has a good time too!! Put the other parents to work, LOL!!

    When do you go back to school? How does the school handle the summer cooling costs? We end early because summer here is sooo viciously hot, even at the end of May it was a problem here. We have some students who cannot even tolerate the heat waiting for the bus because it gets so bad some years. If schools don't have air conditioning (many older buildings do not, or it is not working) they often have heat days in the summer school programs and even in the fall when school starts. They do shorter fall and spring and winter breaks so they can start later and end earlier. My dad was in a building with no a/c and problems with the heating system. It made teaching an extra brutal job. I always thought teaching jr high was already akin to lion taming!! They didn't need to add brutal temperature extremes. In past years some schools have even brought in giant shipments of ice to help cool rooms with-o windows and to help provide cool water.
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    Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really do go late in the summer! I'm sure the pool party will be a huge success.
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    The amusement park sounds like a great way to celebrate the last day of school :)

    My easy child finished today too. My brother ended up taking her for a sleep over to celebrate. She rarely has her uncle to himself as he usually has his children with him (they live with their mother but usually always with my brother). They are going night fishing and she's excited as all heck to go out so late at night.

    Enjoy your summer!!!