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    I didnt' want to share with-you guys till I felt it was for real this time, till I felt comfortable with it. I know how frustrating this has been for not only me and difficult child and my family yet for my other family you guys.

    difficult child has been eating meals now for almost 3 DAYS!! I wanted to share right away yet there's been so many ups and downs. I feel secure in saying now with continued support we are moving forward at light speed.

    no medications, their all out now. All supports in place, huge huge speech i had with her on Monday and also Tuesday at refeeding therapist. Long story short the dot's connected and the food came. Today 3 nice size meals, no hesitancy at all, just gulped them down. somewhat cautious also using her liquids yet no my throat hurts. a.m.'s are still rough yet she plowed through it today when she woke up. i forced her and said take control again, it's you or the eating disorder who is going to win??

    made her scrambled eggs and toast and she ate. than we went to refeeding therapist and brought pizza ate an entire slice with no coaxing whatsoever. therapist just talked to her about her upcoming vacation the animals she'd see. so they just gabbed.

    she's already planning tmr'ws menu. is thrilled about xmas coming the food she'll get to eat. yet said this doesnt' mean i'm back to school right away right?? LOL

    i said no you aren't sleeping yet. one step at a time!!! working on that with-sensory evaluation next week. think it may be a mix of bipolar and sensory my gut is screaming at me.

    we'll c for now we are sleepless yet smiling.

    :) and with-no zyprexa, seroquel or any other medication. go figure!!
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    :jumphappy: I hope she keeps it rolling!
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    Wow! Major congratulations!!!!
    What do you thinik was the turning point?
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    Cool and uber-cool!!!!
    Hey, I had a few medications (one in particular) that made me FEEL like I was choking. It can dry your mouth and make it harder to swallow. I say kudos to you and the kid and I'm crossing my fingers! Sounds like she has turned a BIG corner :)
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    it will continue, i'm confident in that now. that's why i waited to say anything.

    terry turning point i have no idea. i'll tell you been thru alot with-her and this is one thing that threw me for a loop bigtime. totally lost in it. the entire time. she'll still need the refeeding therapist to ensure we dont' slide backwards, she didnt' even think she was needed anymore. i said oh no let's be on safe side.

    now she'll start regular therapy next week for all the other junk and probably to talk about this. it's gone yet itll linger this thing the event, the feelings, etc. she's afraid if she puts too much pressure on herself tries to go back to school it'll happen again. i said woo you are soo jumping the gun now!

    we ate dinner tonight for first time in 5 mos. was pretty cool.
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    I am SO happy for your, her and your whole family. If you celebrate, what a lovely Hanukah present. If your celebration is later on, what a wonderful Christmas gift.
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    thanks! she's in kitchen now making her own scrambled eggs I taught her how to. funny thing is it's always a trade off, we have food now yet last night for 10th night in a row she laid in her bed screaming for me because she couldnt' sleep. until 2 a.m. like a two year old.

    we've been trying to break her past 2 weeks now. since we lowered the seroquel sleep has been non existant. and she's super needy. so i close my bedroom door on purpose now and i wait it out. shes on irritable little girl with-o the medications :)
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    Jena, that's GREAT news!! I'm happy for your daughter and for you. I hope that she continues doing well.

  9. Jena

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    Pam thanks i haven't checked your posts i'm sorry so busy. i hope things on your end are better. pm me when you can.

    today - get this - i made her mac and cheese for lunch at her request. she sat there and well let's just say pulled the umm i dont' wanna eat it. I walked out for a min. to gather my thoughts. i said to myself the phobia's over in my gut it's screaming at me, this is her messed up difficult child talking maybe trying to play games, get back at me for going stronger on her lately who knows. she can be a puzzle and odd.

    i walked into the room and said here's the deal difficult child....... i know in my heart the mos. you struggled and suffered were very real, yet i also know from knowing you as i do that monday at therapy something clicked in you, something changed you overcame your fear and you finally beat it you took a chance and you won. so with that being said from here on out if you do not eat 3 meals a day, with-o fighting me and they dont' have to be huge at al they can be small to start there will be no snacks whatsoever and if by after christmas if i see any days where you are not eating consistently you will go into the hospital. not the one 7 hours flight away the local one, they will insert a feeding tube you will be admitted and professionals will handle it.

    well needless to say she blew, called me things said i was crazy you name it. i walked out and defused it. long story short dinner came i made chicken, potatoes and peas. she ate the chicken and the potatoe she wasnt' up to going to the "other" side and eating pea. she never has.

    point is wow she thought she was giong to play with-me.
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    That is so cool! Really cool you taught her how to scramble her own eggs too, it puts it in her mind to make an emotionally connection to her food and a good emotional connection. We, as humans, have lost our connection to our food and what we eat since we don't actually produce our own farming foods. We've forgotten our food, where it really comes from and how it comes to our table.

    Being able to show her that, teach her that might help her connect to her food in a positive emotionally way that can help with the eating disorder.
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    How wonderful! So happy for you and difficult child and family. What a huge weight to be lifted.
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    So happy that you are finally seeing some progress. Even though with our difficult children it's often two steps up and one step back (and sometimes the reverse!), any forward motion is a BIG deal. :bravo: You have done an awesome job.

    I just want to share my concern (as others have expressed) that you take care of YOU. I know that seems impossible at this point, but I'm just starting to realize the toll my difficult child's issues have taken on me -- much greater both emotionally and physically than I realized at the time. If I had it to do over, I would still keep difficult child the priority, but I would not totally neglect my own needs, as I pretty much have done. I say this as a point of caring, not criticism. I have to remind myself that it's self-care, not self-indulgence.

    You truly are a warrior mom, Jena. Keep it up -- you ROCK!


  13. Jena

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    thanks guys! always always appreciate your continued support means more than u know since i truly do not like anyone in this neighborhood lol, and my family has been non existant mostly since our hospital return. just been me difficult child and husband dealing
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    Way to go!!! :)