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    I am officially the executor of husband's estate.

    You've no clue the weight this has lifted from my shoulders, seriously. easy child was considering on occasion to having me admitted somewhere. If the subject came up I went just a leetle nuts, ok a lot nuts. Didn't help I had bills breathing down my neck and am 2 payments behind on the house. Internet, cable, and phone got cut off yesterday and I was just going to do without (going to switch providers anyway for cheaper but better quality service) but Travis said, "Mom we'll starve without the internet." I'm like huh? Then he says, " You can't do your coupons as well without the internet." lol And well, he's right. So he paid enough to get it turned back on and I'll pay him back.

    Sooooo. Lawyer called and said it's a done deal. BUT she doesn't want me to go to the bank alone and try to do anything with the accts. I'm going to meet her monday morning and she's going with me to make certain they don't try to pull any fast ones on me. The house has been transferred to my name only. I think she's worried because we didn't have the actual acct number. But I did find 2 reciepts for the acct with the funds in it.......and on the receipt it has the last 4 digits of the acct number which is all they need. (which is why you don't leave those things lying around) It's the reciept right after the retirement funds were deposited, the first time I withdrew after that.

    I'll tell ya though, with the issues the bank gave the way in hades will my money stay there. Wasn't going to anyway, but certainly no way it is now. Lawyer said she's not seen trouble like that before and it ticked her off.

    On monday I'm gonna be sooooo excited to pay all my bills up and pay Travis back. He's been helping keep me afloat somewhat, volunteered, and I'm gonna give him a nice little interest when I pay him back.

    My mom sent me some money to keep the heat on all winter so I won't keep it down to 60 degrees. Because it would hurt her feelings.......I accepted. That was not easy to do. I know she needs to feel helpful too and it makes her feel good. But man, do I have issues with that. I guess my dad and grandma taught me well, cuz that lesson stuck good and hard. :sigh:

    I'm still looking for weekend work so I can continue to watch easy child's boys during the week. The way nursing jobs are going around here right now......doubtful I'd get anything in that area anyway. We've got nurses finding other jobs because they can't find work with enough hours to make it. Unless of course you want to drive at least an hour one way, and I don't and won't.

    I am very thankful this thanksgiving. I've always been thankful to be able to pay my bills, just didn't think I'd ever be this thankful. :rofl:

    Oh, and Travis has his appointment with disability next friday. I'll be driving him to chillicothe to re-fill as an adult. And to sign the paperwork that will let easy child and I help him with the process. We went yesterday but seems every Amish person in the area decided it was the day to get their SS cards.......and the cw said we'd be waiting for hours, and we just didn't have the time.

    Once my bills are paid, I'm going to do a will with the lawyer. My kids will never ever have this much mess to contend with. I can at least do that much for them.
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    Yay!!!! Thanks to the powers that be!!!
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    What a relief. I'm glad its finally done.

    Bless Travis for his help. Good kid.

    With re: to your mom's friend, the cafe owner tells folks this little tidbit that her mom told know that wonderful feeling you get when you do something nice for someone? Do you really want to deny someone else that feeling by denying their offer?

    Just a different way to think about it.

    Hugs. Glad its working out.
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    Yahooooo! I'm glad things are FINALLY starting to work out. As an FYI.....if you need anything while you're in me. I have family there that can help out if need be.
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    "higs"? That's almost as good as when someone said "jugs" all those years back! lol! ;) Or, remember when someone "rattled beds"? :rofl:

    Thanks, S - I seriously needed that today!

    Lisa, :dance:
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    Witz... you are a total riot!

    Lisa... WOW. Another major brick - or is that a major patio block - off your back.
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    congrats, just in time for the holiday.... I still think husband is helping out, he will be with you on Thanksgiving! luv, buddy
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    I'm so happy for you! I know you'll enjoy the holiday with your family.