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  1. Dara

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    We have waited 2 years for this! Sammy's therapist finally saw the real Sammy. He finally saw all of the behavior we have been describing! He has tried for 2 years to aggrivate Sammy and make him go into his rage. Nothing worked. Finally yesterday, Sammy did it all for him. He finally saw how Sammy would tantrum for an entire day with 5 good minutes in each hour. He saw how Sammy would sit and scream "I want Mommy" and if you go near him he screams no and away and bangs his head and thrashes around. He saw how when he is like this you cant interact with him at all. He saw how Sammy would be having a blast playing and then BOOM Tantrum for no apparant reason. I am so happy he saw all of this. Not that there are any answers,but at least he has seen what we are talking about. He is currently trying to get Sammy to walk in public. Sammy does not walk when we go out. He wont sit in a stroller either. That means, when we go out, we carry a 35 pound child around. If we dont carry him,he goes crazy with headbanging on the ground...
    I am just happy he saw it!
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    Yay! Even when people believe you, it's nice to have that validation of actual proof. :dance:

    I also have to chuckle at the thought of being happy for a rage. No one but difficult child parents could appreciate the potential positives about a full blown rage! :warrior:

    Hope the therapist can come up with a way to help.
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    How relieving to have that moment...that "SEE!!??!!" that only a difficult child parent can truly understand. :::hugs:::
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    Way To Go, Dara. I know exactly how you feel. I waited and waited and wondered how in the heck any therapist or pediatrician could make a diagnosis based on my comments only.
    Hopefully, this breakthrough will get you somewhere.
    Good luck.
  5. Dara

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    I think his therapist is still baffled at his behaviors and the cause but at least we have a real starting point now...2 years later! I trust his therapists opinion the most because he has known Sammy and his quirks since Sammy was a year. He is thinking conduct disorder and he has always off the record suspected possible bipolar but says we will not know that until he is about 7 so we just have to target the behaviors.
    It really is crazy to be happy for a rage! As I said to his therapist, welcome to the family!
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    I'm glad the therapist saw him in action! Now he can really "get" it!
  7. totoro

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    Yeah---yip yip yippy!!!!

    When K freaked at her peds a couple of weeks ago it felt the same... It is pretty funny but only a parent of a difficult child really gets it!!!

    I feel like that right now! With K in partial she is an angel... which is awesome... but they are like, looking at me like I am crazy!!!
  8. Dara

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    Most people think I am insane. But they dont get it. There is the Sammy that the world sees and then there is the Sammy that we get to see. Two different people! As we all know, it is a relief when everyone else gets to see it too! It will be interesting to see what happens with his therapist today!
  9. SRL

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    It's always hard when they can't believe what you're telling them. That's when parking a video camera in a hidden spot can make a huge difference. We've had some parents report very apologetic doctors after viewing one of those tapes.

    Is this his ABA therapist or a counseling or play type therapist?
  10. Dara

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    He believes the behaviors, he just cant figure them out...what is the cause and what is the reward for Sammy in doing these things. We have tried a camera but the little stinker figured that one out too!
    ABA is play and counseling. He works on pretty much every area with Sammy.
  11. Dara

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    Hopefully this will be a window of hope to figure out what is happening with Sammy. He goes for testing with the school district on the 30th and we are scheduling a full battery of developmental testing with his therapist office. They did extensive testing 9 months ago so it will be interesting to see where we are now. Hopefully this will give us the information needed to get on the right path....
  12. Lass

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    Glad to hear they saw this and fingers crossed you get help you need,i think it is terrible the so called experts dont believe us parents untill they see it themselves,this is what happened in my case 8 yrs down the line
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    I completely understand. It wasn't until one of difficult child's therapist witnessed the wrath of difficult child that he really got it. We go in there and talk about all of these behaviors we see day in and day out and all they see is a compliant child.

    One of difficult child's tdocs really ticked difficult child off one day. I could tell that something was wrong when I was called into the last 10 minutes of the session, but I didn't know what. The doors to the car had barely shut behind us when difficult child started into full blown rage. Luckily it was only a 5 minute drive home from that particular therapist. After we got into the house it continued and I sent her to her room to rage and called the therapist to find out what in the heck had happened. therapist could hear difficult child screaming on his voicemail and difficult child was upstairs, on the other side of the house with her door closed. difficult child has a healthy set of lungs. Sigh... A mother's pride. :angel: He called me the next day and his demeanor was completely different.

    Hopefully this gets the ball rolling in the right direction.