Finding N a pre-school!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Well I have called and visited most of the school around and either they are full with a long waiting list or they are a bit "scary" and I would feel horrible about putting N in certain schools.
The other issue is the potty training... K was 4 when she was "trained". N is basically leaning the same way.

I am not going to push her, and the rewards have no affect. It is one of those sensory things, I believe. When she gets it, she will get it!
Her pediatrician and I both feel she really needs the socialization.
So I called a Montessori that is a bit of a drive... the lady said last year she had 4 Autistic boys, and would be willing to work with N on her potty training!!!
I am going to try and meet with her this week... K loved her Montessori in Indiana. I won't mind the drive so much if N is happy!
So we shall see, I hope this is a good fit!

We are doing the bedtime dance also!!! N has decided she wants back in our bed. I think with me and K being gone for 4 weeks, her anxiety increased and she is feeling a bit vulnerable. "I don't like my bed". Bad nightmares also... tough love is so hard with a 3 yo who is so scared. ugh


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Having N in the best possible environment for her is worth the extra driving as long as you can handle it come winter. Of course, she can always miss a day here & there when the driving is bad.


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Good for you for going the extra mile(literally) for N. Socialization is important at a young age. The school sounds like a good place for her....