FIOS, anyone?

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  1. witzend

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    Well, a certain VERy large phone company is installing FIOS (fiber optic lines) on my street, making a big mess. We currently have our phone and internet from that source, our tv through a different satellite source, and our cell phones through yet another source. All told we are running about $270 a month on those things. We could bundle at least everything but the cell, and possibly the cell as well for quite a bit less. But, we could also go with that major Cable company for phone, internet and tv, too. I still have time on my cell contract, but the satellite contract is up so I can do what I want with that without a penalty. And we've never had the cable, so I can get their introductory offers on that, as well.

    Can anyone tell me if they have FIOS through the VERy large phone company and if they like it or not, and if so (or not), why? Also, if they have a "refer a friend" program that I am not aware of, feel free to PM me with your particulars and I will be sure that you get your reward.
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    We use the very large phone co for phone, internet and cell phone. Though for us it is cheaper to have 2 contracts - cell is separate. husband gets an awesome deal on cell phone through his company, but it means we cannot bundle them. We get our satellite through a major company, but I don't remember which one - there are 2 here that are about the same size.

    We can't do cable because we live in the sticks.

    I had a problem about 6 months ago with the internet/home phone combo. We were fully paid and they turned off my internet access. Even after I PROVED we were current it didn't come back the same. It took me 3 months to get my email unlocked. I just couldn't access it from anywhere. The tech people walked me through about 3 hours worth of "Try this" and it didn't work.

    I changed my email to gmail. I got all the info I needed from my old email and closed it. I also filed a complaint with the CEO's office (looked it up on a business database). Boy did the apologies roll from several levels of managers after that.

    I still filed a complaint with the FCC because I learned that this happened to a lot of people. Friend who works in the phone co let me know. He was aggravated because he had to go to quite a few homes to check the internet because they cut off so many and wanted to make sure it wasn't a problem with the lines.

    The FCC was very helpful. I didn't get any kind of settlement, but I didn't want one. I just wanted it on file so if it happens again it can be handled better.

    I got a nice apology from the CEO after they got notification of the FCC violation.

    Overall the service is OK. Not stellar, but it is reliable. Even with the very high winds things stayed working.
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    Darn I wish we had that going on. I have lived out in the boonies where we only had dial up for so long that I dont know what it would be like to have anything remotely "fast" Supposedly we are supposed to be getting dsl here soon but I will actually believe it when I can log on.
  4. donna723

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    For the longest time all we had available was dial-up too. I do have a bundle for my home phone and dial-up internet, and then separate satellite TV service, and the satellite raises their rates every few months. It's pretty expensive. Now I keep getting things from the phone company for high speed internet through them, bundled with the home landline phone and satellite TV that's quite a bit less than what I've been paying. Only problem is that it's a different satellite service than what I've had for years and years and I'm not sure if I want to do that. I wish I weren't so darned ignorant about all this stuff!
  5. DammitJanet

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    My satellite has never gone up..unless I increase my package. Maybe its because I bought my receivers outright. I have the service that is 4 letters.
  6. donna723

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    Janet, I've got the other one!
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    We have FIOS for internet and it is bundled with our phone. We elected NOT to bundle the cable in as we have a four digit satallite company and like them. The great thing is, we pay $49.99 for FIOS, but the telephone service is only $19 month and that includes free unlimited long distance. So even though the internet seemed expensive, it is offset by the small telephone charges. Here in CA, you can get all three bundled for $99 month. Pretty good deal.
  8. witzend

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    Thanks, MLA. That's similar to what we pay for our phone and internet already. I don't mind signing up for a new bundle that will be less expensive even knowing that it will go up in a year or two if I play it right because I really could save some money for that year or two.

    Right now we pay about $90 for the VERy big phone and DSL internet, $105 for the satellite that has more than four letters, plus $80 for the cell. I have another year on the cell, so I'm sort of stuck there. Unless they send me a change of terms, then I can cancel without penalty (a handy thing to know).

    I'm interested particularly in the TV programming because I like what we have, but it's expensive to keep it at the rate we're paying. Plus, it doesn't have any "on-demand" programming and I think that the FIOS one does. So, win/win.
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    I have the landline, cable and computer bundled with the extremely large company. I have 5 cells on a separate account with them. I would drop cable but then I couldn't watch Forensic Files and Snapped anymore. The computer connection time is much better than with DSL or dial-up. I am always calling and trying to negotiate a better deal - last month, I got them to offer me $5 off a month for a year just because.
  10. witzend

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    Thanks, Sven!
  11. DammitJanet

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    I am interested in what plans you guys can get when you get these different cable and FIOS plans. Not that I think we will ever get cable or FIOS. I just found out we are getting DSL installed here on Monday...HURRAY! They have been telling us it was comming since I guess patience really has been a virtue. But that doesnt give me anything but DSL. I am going to cut out my landline and just keep my cell from the company that offers to come and help you shrink your
  12. witzend

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    Janet, not sure what television providers you have in your neck of the woods, but the big satellite providers are Dishnetwork and DirecTv. We have Comcast here for cable, but I'm not sure if they are available there. Satellite you can get anywhere, because the dish is on your house, so it's just a wire from your dish to your house and they don't have to hard wire you from their company. You should google those companies and look for introductory rates, they can be pretty good.

    Also, before you get that DSL set up, ask them if they have a bundle with a satellite provider or cable provider. They will, and you will get a really good deal that way, too.