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    my sons best friends families new house burned down Dec 1 at 2 am- the youngewst sons b-day. Fire was blamed on faulty new rope lights. Thankfully they and all their exotic pets got outaltho the dad injured his back.
    Last nite my daughters lifelong friends apartment building had a fire and 2 people were critically injured. They had lived there over 20 years. Cause of fire not yet determined. Both fires occured within blocks of our house. We saw firsthand the devastation and are here at hand for the results of the tragedies.
    A couple years ago my friends house burned to the ground. My difficult children therapist was a house fire survivor, with bad scars and no fingers. My uncle died in a fire. Please practice safety. Be careful. And please pray for all these families displaced by this fire last nite. Thanks. The Red Cross came and set up emergency shelter in the church on the next block. It was 20 degrees and windy.

    I know the family of my sons friend said last week it sure changed how they see things, how they view life. My kids went to help recover personal possessions fromk the house and help catalog for insurance and my kids came away with different perspectives on Life, too.
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    Many prayers to these families. How tragic.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that. It's a miracle no one was killed -- praying for the ones who are injured and hope they recover quickly. And I hope the families get back on their feet quickly. Losing your home is devastating, but they will recover in time. Thank goodness for insurance!
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    We've lost our home twice to fire ---My heart goes out to these people. The best thing anyone can give them is cash Prayers going up.
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    Adding my prayers.