First 10 lbs gone!


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This morning I weighed in and I've lost my first 10 lbs on my diet. I made a deal with husband that every 10 lbs I lose he has to take me out to dinner. But our babysitter left this morning for Florida, so I guess no night out for me.

I've seen other posts for people is everyone else doing? I don't mind the exercise, its the dieting part I hate.


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The restaurant I really want dinner from is more than 30 minutes away. Its my favorite italian place, but by the time he'd get home, it wouldn't be hot and pasta and sauce doesn't always reheat well. Bummer.

I figure if I'm going to cheat, I want it to be with exactly what I'm craving so I don't feel jipped. I'm still considering sending him though. Its better than not getting it I guess.

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Congratulations! :bravo:You'll just have to delay the going out until the babysitter returns.

As for me, I'm doing fairly well right now especially with the exercise but even with the food-although 4th of July dinner was a bit much. Good thing I did 60 minutes of cardio this morning!


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WoooHoooo :bravo:

I am so happy for you!

I am doing my same 2 mile walk, but have added the Alli. It is going great actually, none of the gross stuff the press talked about, as long as I stick to their diet. I will let you know how much weight I have lost by the end of this weekend.

Keep up the great focus!!!!!!!!! I am envious!


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I've debated on adding Alli to my diet and exercise. I'm already eating low fat meals, why not lose an extra 1/2 lb for every 1 lb? I'm glad to hear its not doing anything gross! Those side effects were nasty, but I watched a clip from The View the other day and the Dr. said as long as each meal has less than 15 grams of fat that you're okay. All of my meals are less than that so why not give it a try? I'll let ya know if I start.