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    so we went and met with-the cbt specialist today for our intake appointment. overall he said difficult child is very sick. he said her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is very extreme, as is anxiety and than the neurobiological component of being on the spectrum (bipolar).

    so, he said she's also very depressed, in avoidance mode and non responsive etc.

    he said in order for me to help her you have to be in each session with-us. i have to teach you cbt so you can do it at home with her. he said this is going to be a very large undertaking. 24/7 we have to work on rewiring her brain. he said she'll always be who she is yet she needs tools to help her cope, she needs rewiring to change her perception of the world, etc.

    he's smart, blunt, to the point, sarcastic sense of humor. right up my alley. so next friday the work begins. he said in no way does this kid belong back in school.

    he said ill battle the school for you and handle cps caling me to verify who you are and what your about. he said you have run the gammet with her yet he strongly thinks if we can get her to adhere to this she'll feel some relief in about 4 mos.

    when she listed her worries it was so severe and overwhelming Occupational Therapist (OT) listen to. it was more than i had thought. it was good she antid up though. he doesnt' think shes' pyschotic thought process it's just all very distorted due to her sickness.

    he asked about background etc. told him about ex h and also about my diagnosis's. he said do you take medications for your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? i said no. i can manage except when it's my husband lol. he revs me up and i chip away at it 24/7. i said and i do obsess about difficult child's illness yet its proven to be effective because i'm a strong advocate for her. so he laughed and said yes it can be a blessing and than challenging. yet i do not have the unfound or unrealistic fear piece that she has.

    it's only happened to be a few times where i've had unrealistic fears present. than i redirect strong and it disappates.

    so we'll c we have to try to afford him each week moving forward. she hated each minute of it. i just hope she let's it work. he made it sound crucial to her future and overall wellness.
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    I am so glad you found someone that seems like he gets it and can help!!! Push him to take a sliding scale fee or to get approved on your insurance. If there is no one in your area who can take her as a patient the ins co MUST add someone who can. we went through this with our insurance at one point. none of their providers specialized in children in a 60 mile radius from us, so they had to take someone else on. He will have to agree to their negotiated rate and submit treatment plans, but it IS possible. Esp if you have called their providers. If you do not have a provider list call the ins co and amke them send one. It may be online though and that is often more up to date.

    It won't be easy and 4 months is pretty optimistic, in my opinion. I don't know if he realizes how stubborn she can be. He sure does sound like exactly what you need. Does he know anything about exposure therapy specifically? It is the best way to handle phobias. It isn't fun to have the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) yourself but it does give you a leg up in helping her - you get what she feels and are at least as stubborn.

    I am glad he agrees about school - she truly isn't in shape for school and making her go would send her back to before square one most likely.

    (((((hugs))))) I am so thrilled you have found osmeone who may be able to help.
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    I like the way this sounds.

    difficult child may hate it, but... Maybe she'll work that much harder to make it end sooner? :wink:

    The dry sense of humor and promise to help with the school and CPS... YAY!!!!
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    there is nothing we can do regarding insurance it is what it is. he just sees that bet. the bipolar, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and anxiety it's all very overwhelming. he just wants to give her some relief and see if this will work. he's optomistic i like that. the kinda roll your sleeves up guy. like that too.

    me my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is so different it truly is. her fears are huge. me mine are not that way their based on reality hers are not. and he as i agree the bipolar than the rest of it just makes it so confusing to address any of the issues. so seems like my full time job will continue to be here at home working with her now also.

    good thing is i did fit in thearpy on the phone starting next week with woman i worked with in portland shes' great. it'll help provide support for me since i have absolutely no family support in place to be honest. he said i said i dont' think a phone call every 3 days from my mom complaining about her life is support?? LOL. he said um no. i said it's just me and husband ex h didnt' even follow what doctor's suggested this weekend with the structure no fast food etc and sleeping in his bed as opposed to couch within eye shot of difficult child. he did it all wrong yet again.
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    Sounds very promising Jena !
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    I like the sound of this guy, I really hope he's able to help her even when she gets resistant. Been wondering how y'all were.
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    than we walk out the door today to go to library i'm sick and dont feel well after therapy and i give her lunch she slips on ice and we're back in e.r. again. ortho guy in two days, she broke it looks like her bone in her wrist that's on her growth plate.

    oh joy and it just never stops. never mind the fact i told husband like ten times to pick up salt. his response no one's killed themselves yet. so now we have a break, i said can you get salt now?