First Complaint home from school for the year....


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My 5 year old started kindergarten this year, and when we finally agreed to go along with the evaluation process and see if we could get her a diagnosis and medications, I sent a letter to the teacher, asking if she had any concerns she wanted to voice I could pass along to the psychiatric. She rambled on and on about how great she is and how she hasn't had any problems and doesn't see any hyperactivity or inattention problems or mood swings or anything. I was completely shocked, she's a complete angel at school. We knew that in her private school last year she started acting up in class, so I feared once the newness wore off, she would start getting into trouble at school. So then today home came a note....

She asked what steps we had decided to take, becuase she WAS starting to see some attitude and agressive behavior from my daughter, she pushed some poor little girl down on the playground today and was yelling at her.

She also mentioned that my daughter spends obscenely long periods of time in the restroom when she goes...

Now, she is NOT Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), so I know that she isn't spending all the extra time doing ritual hand-washing or anything, and when I ask, she keeps saying that she has problems with her clothes...this I don't understand because she is so skinny, most of her clothes she doesn't even have to unbutton or unzip to get them up and down.

So I am trying to figure out, WHAT IS SHE DOING IN THERE? Do any of you have difficult child's that stay in the bathroom for what seems like forever, but they don't really DO anything????


Is it possible she has anxiety about peeing or pooping in a public bathroom?

Or does she have sensory issues? At that age, my daughter spent a lot of time trying to get her underwear and socks smoothed down and feeling "right" against her skin.


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Well, she never has seemed to mind using the restroom in public before, in fact, it seems like when we are out running errands, she HAS to go to the bathroom at EVERY PLACE WE STOP, even if she just went at the last place ten minutes before that. And she always goes and doesn't have any problems. As far as adjusting her clothes, I was thinking maybe that could be part of it, but she doesn't do that at home, so it doesn't make sense. The only thing I can think of as an explanation for that would be that school is stressing her out and the added anxiety may be making her sensory issues worse at school. Which in turn could cause her to feel uncomfortable in her clothes and need to keep adjusting.

I have noticed that she is MUCH PICKIER about what she will wear to school than she is about what she will wear any other normal day around the house. I just figured that she was being finicky and wanted to "look perfect", but it could be that she is feeling very uncomfortable......hmmmm... you may be on to something.


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Well, I can tell you what my difficult child around that age was doing in the bathroom. He would fill his hands with liquid soap and then add water and blow soap bubbles. Yes, I got a call from the school. They were so upset. He and another little boy were supposed to move from one building to another, unsupervised, and they couldn't find them. They were in the bathroom blowing soap bubbles. The school was astonished that this had happened. I was astonished that they would trust two young boys to move from one building to another unsupervised, and expect them to be there and not drift off elsewhere.

Then, as time went on, he always used the bathroom excuse for an excuse to be out of class. Guess he grew out of the soap bubble (or maybe he secretly still does that). :rofl: Who knows?