First day of Physical Therapy Today

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by rejectedmom, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. rejectedmom

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    Well today I start another round of PT. :faint: I am not at all happy about this and feel like it is a huge waste of my time and money. I have to go 3x a week for a month and IF?WHEN? it doesn't work I will need more tests done. I am trying to find a good attitude but it isn't forthcomming. Just needed to vent my frustration. Now I need to shower and get ready. Bah Humbug! :sick: -RM
  2. TerryJ2

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    Aw, I'm so sorry.

    What does the therapist say about any improvements?

    Sometimes, you have to go through this to satisfy the ins companies, so you can qualify for surgery or more medications later. Sigh.
  3. Hound dog

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    I hate PT.

    Hopefully you won't be stuck with it for long. Or if you are, it will help some.
  4. rejectedmom

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    TerrJ2, PT doesn't want me to use it at all and I am not to rest it on anything or lean onit in any way. She also doesn't want it braced or supported for fear of putting more pressure on the nerve. Today I got electrocuted, fried, and frozen. ( Translation Electric stimulant, Ultrasound and ice). LOL Since I will not be doing any exercises for now I droped to 2x a week. We will step it up when the inflamation goes down. She is thinking tha it might be a double crush syndrome caused by the initial injury and the inflamation of tendonitius. She also wants me to get tested for Lymes again. She said to ask the endo to run the tests along with the full metabolic that the doctor suggested when I go on the 6th of March.

    Lisa, Thanks for the sentiments. I spent almost a year in PT in 2007 I really hate giving up so much of my life to this stuff. -RM
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    I third, 4th or 5th the I Hate PT!
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    shoot 'em the pinky - lady! :tongue:
  7. rejectedmom

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    Janet, Yeah me too.

    Star, You bad! LOL
  8. Dimitri

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    Hmmmmmm thanks for sharing ur experience u memorize me the my 1st day i was so confused at that time but day by day i was better but it is expensive and bit lengthy too............
  9. hearts and roses

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    As I posted in another thread, PT was a pitstop on my way to the inevitability of surgery. PT for my knee was excruciatingly painful most days, not so much on others, it depended on who I got, the day, the exercises, etc. I had to stop because I found it was hurting more than helping. There were a couple of days I had to take a pain killer and go home. on the other hand, some therapies were very soothing and felt fantastic.

    I hope you don't suffer too much and it's helpful.
  10. rejectedmom

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    Not sure how... but this is an old thread from 2009 that was resurected. RM
  11. hearts and roses

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    Lol, I guess no one noticed, including me! Funny!!