First day of school 'Nightmare"

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by keista, Aug 10, 2011.

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    I can't stop laughing. I shouldn't be, but I just can't help it.

    Got the local news on (for background noise - I forgot how quiet it gets with no kids), and what's the late breaking headline? School bus crashed into a pond! OMG! Of course my first concern was if it were any of MY kids' buses. A nightmare for any kid, but for a difficult child especially, can cause PTSD. In my head, I was already prepping myself to be driving the kids to school everyday. Fortunately for us, it was to a school completely out of our area.

    Apparently the driver had some medical issue - diabetic attack is speculated. Fortunately no kids have been physically injured, and the pond is a shallow 'conservation pond'.
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    It's probably indicative of how much we all look forward to the peace of "first day of school" and yet we know deep in our hearts that it isn't going to last long. In your case, lol, not even one blanking day! Everybody is entitled to at least one day of peace a year. DDD
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    What? You didn't have a party planned on the 1st day back to school?? lmao

    I think it's like what DDD said. You didn't even get your one day of peace and quiet.
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    Oh, I got the quiet......Until son came home. He's only got 4 classes, but ALL 4 teachers decided to go over the SAME material - the student handbook. He was NOT a happy camper. And then DD2 came back from a friend's 20 min late, and was wound up all evening. It culminated in a crying fit over her new haircut. She expected it shorter (so did I) Should she leave it or get it fixed? Could. Not. Decide. Tears for an hour. And then couldn't sleep even with melatonin and had to take a second dose.

    At least I'm getting those school hours now to recharge myself.
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    Those kinda things make me laugh too....don't know why either....probably just some sort of morbid stress release:)

    I probably would have been thanking god Matt hadn't hi jacked the bus and driven it into the pond if I were you. Lol