First Day of Work-Up and Capsule of BMT Process

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by PonyGirl, May 10, 2010.

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    This was the first day of a week-long series of pre-op work-up for Julius at UM Hospital. (Proably just say UMH from now on)

    difficult child says, "Wow, that's a lot of doctors!"

    They are staying at the Ronald McDonald house, and I just got a picture-texted to my on my cell phone of my grandson dancing with 2 little girls there :D

    daughter in law says he was video-taped for publicity for the House!

    J will go to the UMH every day this week and undergo a bunch of testing to measure lung capacity, blood flow, kidney function, liver function, etc. etc. etc. He will be admitted to UMH next Monday, May 17. That will be Day 10, and each day after will count down to Zero. He will be given nasty doses of chemotherapy for 10 days.

    Day Zero will be May 27, and he will be given his bone marrow transplant that day. May 27 is a Full Moon this year, I believe in that great power!!

    From there, the count will start up again at Day 1 and continue to Day 30, upon which he should be discharged from UMH, but will continue to stay at Ronald McDonald house through Day 100.

    There you have it! All these days are of course contingent on no complications. Which there won't be any. This child has more people praying for him than Moses!! (I don't know, I just made that up) :tongue:

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    And we will be here, all of us for those 100 days (and many more!)........
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    Best of luck with this. BMT is a grueling process as they have to destroy the recipient's bone marrow before transplanting the new bone marrow. I take it you are a donor match?

    husband was on the transplant list when he died. It's very hard to get tissue matches for Eastern European Jews, and I didn't match him for that (I was his platelet donor).

    Sadly, both his brother and his father refused to be tested as they thought donated would be dangerous (It's not)
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    Wow! What a lot for everyone to process! I hope you all will be well.
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    Poor little baby.

    Well, like you said, all will be fine because everyone is praying for him. Good thing you came back here because this board is like a miracle worker.
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    I'll be watching the moon May 27th, and the first star I see I will wish
    for the best for you and your family!