First Day on Job


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Well, difficult child completed first day on job. He got up this morning at 6:30 without prodding from Mom, got his shower and left early 'cause he wanted to be sure not to be late! Wonder howlong this enthusiasm will last--any bets?

He worked for 5 hours-a lot of grunt work but says he likes it. He tried to get out of going home and completing his required Home School pages but I told him that it was his responsibility and that he knew husband would ask me if he did the work and that I would in turn say "no". He went home and completed the work without lipping off. He works again tomorrow at the same time.

Here is hoping we are seeing some maturity!

Hound dog

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Sounds like his first day went well. :grin: I'll keep body parts crossed that he continues to like the job and does well.

Sue C

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I hope the enthusiasm lasts! It's an accomplishment when our kids can get themselves up on time on their own.



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Sometimes it just takes a job that they actually like. Hopefully this is the beginning of something good for him.