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    The first day of school was yesterday. difficult child said he was not excited at all. He hates school. Yet, he was up on his own at 6am (normally sleeps until 2) He was ready to go 30 minutes prior to normal time.

    He goes to a small college prep school which he likes. Anyway. His last class he took at the district school a block away. He takes a shuttle bus after lunch to the other school. Yesterday he and two boys walk up about 1:15. He made a cheese sandwich and they all grabbed some juice. He said they get to the school 30 minutes before class. We live so close he can come home and grab something then go back.

    After school he says no homework. Just a lot of papers to sign. He got a big binder from Chemistry class. He had a baseball game too. After the game I asked him to take out the papers that need to be signed. I opened his binder and there is a BIG sheet typed. It said:

    page 870 1-24 odd
    page 875 1 - 21 odd.

    ???????? :mad: - - - I asked him WHAT that was. He said, "Oh yeah. Geometry homework, but I forgot my book." Real casual. Like no big deal. I lost it. FIRST day of school. Then he asks me why I am mad. We all forget things!!!!!!! Those who know me should know that difficult child lies about school work and seems to always have missing work.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I chew him out. Then go to sign the papers. One paper asks if we have a reliable computer. Yes. then it goes into the steps to create an account and logon to an online book. Which book you may ask.....GEOMETRY. Hahahahahahahahaha

    So I logon and tell him he's in luck. Brought up the pages and set the laptop on the table and said "get to work" He wined and complained. Got up to get something to drink. Got up to get his phone. Got up to pee. Dinked around. I was tired and said I was going to bed.

    I heard him say "I don't know how to do this." husband just said, "figure it out". I went to sleep.

    And he DID it.

    I have more to post about difficult child, but another post. Medication issues. Be back soon.