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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Hound dog, May 25, 2012.

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    Travis had his eye appointment in cincy today............and when I say that, I'm not kidding, right in the heart of it all and what a mess to drive! We just barely got there in time and that was with leaving early.

    doctor didn't tell him what his vision was.........But with his glasses, vision "corrected" to it's best (you know where they use the little machine and they ask you a zillion times is it better this way or that way until you wanna scream) He could only see the big letter E and the first line, one on the second line. I'm sure he said he couldn't make out anything on the 3rd line because it was too blurry. doctor kept asking, Travis kept telling him he couldn't see it. As usual, he did pretty miserable on the peripheral vision exam. (he has horrid peripheral vision, basically none at all)

    Since that was with "corrected" vision.......I'm guessing that wasn't a stellar performance by a long shot. And it tells me his vision has deteriorated quite a lot since his last exam about 3 yrs ago. It wasn't great then, but not quite that bad either, at least with the glasses in the good eye. He can't see anything except blurry colors with the bad eye, his lens on that side is just there it doesn't "do" anything.

    In a couple of weeks he'll have a complete physical but at least that one is here in town and I can take him without issue. I hope to heaven the neuro they choose is also here in town because driving like that just to see an optometrist was ridiculous. :sigh: If they want a neuropsychologist evaluation I know that will have to be in cincy cuz he's the ONLY one in the area who does them on adults.

    All I told Travis during the days leading up to this was.........if it's blurry you tell him you can't see it. Don't guess. Don't strain. If it's the slightest bit blurry, you can't see it. Period. And that's what he did. This was necessary because Travis has mucked up many an exam in the past by attempting to convince everyone he could see much better than he actually can.......which just meant 2nd exams and more sets of glasses because he'd get them home and not be able to see to walk across the room. ugh
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    I'm glad he was honest... Jett is like this. He so does not want to wear glasses, he guesses. Too bad it didn't work... But.

    As for Cincy, I hate driving there too... UGH!!!
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    Q too and he LIKES his glasses, but I think partly to be oppositional and partly because it is natural to squint to try to make it clearer, he will strain to make himself see the letters. I tell them to watch him now instead of staring the chart. Now I hear over and over...NO SQUINTING Q unless you want to squint everywhere to see!

    Glad Travis was honest. I really hope all the other appointments are closer to home, that sure could not have been too fun.
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    This appointment alone probably qualifies him for disability... the others will just add to the layers of complexity and the lack of options.