First full day of school for difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Since it was exam week last week, today will be difficult child's first full day back to school. She was out the door on time, and she told me that she would text me to let me know when she wanted picked up after school. (Not sure if she is going to come straight home, or go to an after school activity.) Hope she handles her return well. This is her first day in classes since Dec. 16. Nervous she will be overwhelmed. Hopeful though. Fingers pretzeled for her please.
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    Does she have a new schedule? And if so, does that mean she is still making up work plus will be starting new work? Can she go to a study tutor to help her push through the old work (I know she is smart and can do the work, but for organization, prioritizing, study buddy etc....). It just hit me today that she could be in that position.

    I sure hope she has a good day. Should not be as intense as the past if it is a new start, first day of new quarter and all (or tri or semester or what ever they have, smile)

    Let us know... yes all pretzeled up.
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    She has 2 new classes. Health and gym. All of the others are the same. So she has to make up all of her work, and keep up this quarter. Very nervous. We talked a little about dropping spanish, and picking it back up next year. She actually listened, and said she would think about it. I am glad she has gym right now. I think some physical activity will be good for her. Help her to sleep at night I hope. It is going to be one nervous day for me worrying how she is handling everything. And, how her behavior will be when she gets home. And, if anyone will make fun, tease or bully about where she has been.