FIrst Hospitilization on Tuesday

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Mandy, May 20, 2010.

  1. Mandy

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    Little Bear was admitted last tuesday, and I am still an emotional wreck. I have some questions that I was hoping some of you can answer. It was definitly for the best because Little Bear was raging that day in his Dr. office and had to go by ambulance. I felt like I was in a daze. It seems so quiet at our house right now, and we all miss him so much.

    We went for our first visitation tonight and I was expecting this wonderful reunion but instead he was so restless and anxious to get back to his new friends and his activity that he wanted to leave us after about 10 min and go back to his unit.

    Is this a normal reaction? Is there something wrong that he didn't want to spend time with- us?

    I was hoping this would be a time to get all his medications on track again because he went through a growth spurt and had been becoming too aggressive to be managed at home. Now i am worried he will love it so much there that he wont want to come home. I am also wondering what child I will get back from all this.

    I know part of his restlessness is that he just came off his Intuniv because they are going another route, but it really did break my heart knowing he didn't want to spend every minute of the visitation hour with me.

    I think I just need reassurance or words of wisdom... anything will do at this point.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give!
  2. smallworld

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    Hi Mandy, I'm sorry. Your mommy heart must be hurting.

    My understanding of children's psychiatric hospitals is that the routine can be very mood-stabilizing in and of itself. So I'm wondering if your son simply felt soothed and stabilized by being back in the routine of the psychiatric hospital. I'm also thinking the novelty of the kids and toys may have been a draw for him. Believe me, that will wear off, and he will want to be home with you before long!

    Hang in there -- he is where he needs to be right now. I hope things will get straightened and improve soon. Hugs.
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    First of gentle hugs to you. The first time my difficult child was hospitalized he was like that with visits-he'd say hello and then be ready for us to leave. Just wanted to let you know that I don't think it is so unusual. Even though he was like that the first time he was hospitalized you should have seen him when it was time to go home-super excited!!!!!!
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    Hi Mandy,

    My little guy is in the psychiatric hospital right now too! This is his 1st hospitalization too.
    I know exactly what you mean when you say the house is sooooo quiet! It makes me so sad not to have him home. He was originally suppose to be there about 3-5 days but he had some rages while in the psychiatric hospital so they have to stabalize him first. I think he may come home tomorrow...which would make it 8 days!

    I have been going to visit almost everyday and I call him twice a day during phone hours too.
    The first couple times that I went to visit, he didn't have much to say and he was really paying attention to the other kids in the visiting room. I stayed the whole hour though and made him sit with me. By the second visit I figured out that by bringing card games, board games, and books to read that I could keep his attention during the whole visit. You should try that too! They love to interact with you during your visits.
    Also, be sure to always tell him positive things while your there. And stay strong....for him! That is the best place for him and don't feel guilty!

    Just FYI - I brought my son some comfort gifts each time I came to visit. One time it was a soft stuffed elephant for him to sleep with, Another time it was his favorite pillow and blanket. Another time it was a new card game and two books that we could read together. He loved playing "go fish" with me!

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    That is a totally normal reaction. Many of our kids know on some level that they can't control themselves. They feel more secure at the hospital. They thrive in the very rigid routine and they like knowing that all those staff are there to help contain them if they need it.

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    Our difficult child went in psychiatric hospital right after he turned 6. The first few nights he'd call crying then he stopped calling & we visited every other day. In the beginning he wouldn't want us to leave. After a few days he was like "See you later". Then he didn't even call us or talk for a while when we called. He was having too much fun with his "friends" and the activities they did for the kids. I believe it was a totally normal reaction. Also, because it was positive, he never spoke negatively about it except he didn't want to be away from us anymore once he got out.
  7. Mandy

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    I just want to give a HUGE Thank you to everyone who replied!

    It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders this morning to see you have had similar experiences with your difficult child's. I didn't want him to be clinging and crying to leave with us or anything because that would have also been crushing. I think I was just shocked by his reaction. Hopefully now I will be more prepared for any response at our next visit. My husband was reassuring me last night saying the newness will wear off, and right now he sees it as a fun camp. After reading all your responses, I think I can tell him he is right...

    So far he will be in until next wed which will be a 9 day stay, but it all depends on him and his medications. I did bring his comfort item at our visit last night along with a book for him to read, which probably brought me more comfort than him. ;)

    I am hoping to see some progress with him and his medications at our next visit in a few days, but I am going to stay positive and try to remember this is a process.