First medication evaluation on Mon. What do I need to be prepared?

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    My 8yo is going for his medication evaluation on Mon. He was diagnosed several months back and at my request has only been doing therapy. About 5 months ago the therapist and I decided it was time and the appointment was made.
    He has an appointment with the most conservative of the nurses who will be starting with the lowest dose possible as told by his therapist. Apparently she has parents complain that he is too conservative and too reluctant to prescribe higher doses. That sounds good to me, but I wanted to avoid them in the first place if I could.
    My concerns, I recently read that bed-wetting can be caused by a sleep disorder that can show ADHD symptoms. He does wet the bed regularly and is extremely hard to wake up. I don't know if this is valid. I only found it when looking for products to help solve his problem.
    I don't know what questions need to be asked. Is there a list here somewhere?
    I will research the medications that are considered so I know what reactions to look for, but what should I be expecting?

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    Interesting, I looked it up after you posted because DD1 is a bedwetter, and outsiders do see some ADHD in her but it was ruled out with the TOVA It did mention restless leg syndrome which she does have, but none of her docs seem to care about it.

    If you have concerns that it may not be ADD, and possibly a sleep disorder, I would definitely discuss that and get a referral about the possible sleep disorder. How was the ADD diagnosis'ed ppl here seem to swear by the TOVA. When it was administered to DD1 I thought it was the silliest thing, but after researching it, and listening to ppl here, I'm a firm believer too. I was told that her results ruled out AD/HD. There was a small 'blip' in her results, but due to her high intelligence it was well within the normal range.

    Do you know what medications will be discussed?