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    We have a meeting with the team Friday. They have received my written notification that I would like difficult child to be screened for a possible disability. I was told that I need to bring possible interventions that I would like implemented as well as research to back them up. Other than Plan B, any suggestions???

    I have already talked plan B with the teacher. It didn't go over to well.
    Teacher basically said the expectations are for all students, and difficult child should not be treated any differently. I tried to remain calm and explain that she would save herself alot of headache if she would chose her battles. The most recent incident could have been prevented. difficult child had to walk laps at recess for not following directions during a science activity. Well he walked them ( a big step) but cut the corners. She made him redo them not once, but twice. He ended up throwing his shoe at her.
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    Brace yourself -- you sound like you have a bad school district. At the first meeting, the focus should NOT be on how YOU want them to fix it. The focus should be on determining what areas the child may have a disability that is negatively impacting his education.

    For example, the recess issues shows both the teacher's inflexibility and the child's inappropriate reaction to frustration.

    Do you have the book "Lost At School" where it teaches Plan B for schools?? In there is a questionairre that helps narrow down why the child is behaving like that. Also, they should do both IQ testing and achievement testing if there are any issues during academic work time. Look up "successful approximations" and how schools should use that to teach desired behaviors.

    WRT their statement that your son has to be treated the same as all of the other children, ask them why they haven't read the federal and state laws that REQUIRE schools to treat disabled children differently. Suggest they contact the school's attorney is they need an updated copy of said laws.