First night or tutoring.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, Sep 22, 2008.

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    Tonight was easy child 2's first night of tutoring. Or supposed to be.

    I emailed her mom on Friday to remind her and confirm the plans we'd agreed on, which was that easy child owuld go to tutoring after school, then I would pick her up afterwards (so as to not inconvenience mom) and deliver her to mom's house within 15 minutes of the session ending. I reminded mom what room and what materials easy child needed to take.

    I didn't hear back via email, so I called. Yes, she got the email. Yes, it was fine. Mom and new hubby would be home from work about 4, so they would be there when I dropped easy child off at 5.

    So I leave work early and rush home to get easy child 2 right at the end of tutoring so she's not late getting to mom's. She's not there. Tutor's not there. I call mom's house and cell - no answer (not unusual - she won't answer our calls generally). I message mom's cell, asking if easy child went to tutoring. I call the tutor's cell. She tells me easy child never showed up.

    So I head home. Before I get 3 blocks away, mom messages back that "easy child forgot" and went home on the bus.

    Yeah, easy child should have rememberd. But she also needed a note to go somewhere after school besides home on her bus, and that wasn't sent. I also have to wonder, didn't mom notice easy child was home and hour and a half before she was supposed to be???

    Apparently, easy child's not the only one who forgot. But interestingly enough, she's the only one to blame.


    I'm ready to throw in the towel on this whole family.

    And the day I blame my kids for my own shortcomings, someone please shoot me.
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    (((((((((((Shari)))))))))))))) I'm so sorry. The saying "you can't care more for them then they care for themselves" comes to mind. I think you're doing too much. It's one thing to do these things when you have appreciation and support. But lately I think they are all taking you for granted. Time to take a little less care of others and more of yourself!