First phone call from school this year


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I just needed to release here and say that today I got my first phone call of the school year from difficult child's teacher. She left me a message on the answering machine and said difficult child was writing a note home to me. She hinted that there had already been trouble this year but had been magageable up to this instance. I gave difficult child two weeks to show her true self to her teacher. And what do you know, it's been exactly 2 whole weeks of school as of today. This just stresses me out. Ugh.


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I am so sorry about the phone call from the teacher. I have a feeling in my gut that mine will be coming soon enough. It's no fun. Hang in there. (((HUGS)))


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So sorry!!!!!!!!! :cry:

I truly have PTSD every time the phone rings. I kid you not! I can be anywhere, shopping, a friends, my house, and hear the phone ring, and my heart jumps. Same with police sirens. It is a horrible feeling to always be on the edge of your seat, wondering what bad will happen next.

Know you are not alone, and we are always here to listen.


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Thanks so much. It just helps to know that others out there have the same issue and can relate.

WW - I have an aversion to answering the phone too! I never thought of it from your perspective. There just may be something to that. And it's the day time calls mostly between noon and 2:30. The bewitching hours. LOL

I went to see my family out of state in late August and one of my sisters said to me about difficult child, "she just doesn't act like a normal 6/7 year old". I said, "I KNOW!" She and I hadn't had many discussions about difficult child. I think mostly because we don't see each other on a regular basis and she wouldn't completely understand what I would tell her. My mom finally realized what I'm truly dealing with. She always used to say, "oh, it's just normal behavior for this age." Then after the third day we stayed with her I could see on her face that she wanted a break. I had to explain to her that when difficult child gets into trouble for doing something it does not prevent her from doing it again. You just can't ask her nicely, please don't do that. Or give her the look. I know kids who if you give them a look of disappointment they break down and cry. Not my kid! Ahhh... more venting.


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Hi. I am brand new here and looking for answers!! I figured that I would post to this topic because I got a phone call on the first day of school for my 7 year old son because he wouldn't participate in PE. My son has been going through the "terrible twos" for 5 years now. I have starting increasing his protein and decreasing his sugar and in the meantime I am at my wits end. He was the sweetest happiest baby then he turned 3 and everything fell apart.Everyday for 5 years, he fights with us when we tell him to do anything. For 5 years I have had to fight with him to take a shower/bath, to do his chores, do his homework,go to bed,etc. I have an older son who is 11 and fine so deep down I know that I am a good mother and this isn't my fault but I just don't know what to do anymore.

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I'm sorry you got the first phone call! Some years I get a lot and other years they go to husband who is in the building so he gets the in person "call"!


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Just the sight of the schools phone number on the caller ID makes me sick to my stomach. Hugs, and I hope you do not hear from them for a while now.


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thank you, I get sick to my stomach too when I see the school number on my caller id. For the most part he is much better in school than at home. Last year the school tested him for dyslexia(at my request) and then they suggested that maybe he had ADD because of how much he fidgeted during the testing. So they sent home the assesment for me to fill out and then called me in for a meeting because the teacher assessed him in the normal range and I had him in the extreme range. I told them just to forget the whole thing.


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Sorry about the phone call....and since misery loves company (so they say)I'll share with you that I got my first phone call of the year yesterday as well !! And I work in the same school as my difficult child and the first thing I heard when I went into a classroom is "guess what Mrs. XXXX, difficult child is in the office for hitting someone at recess !!!" Fingers crossed things improve.


You know...I carry my phone around with me inside/outside at home. Then my cell phone. Silly me. Because when it does ring I too get the sick feeling.
Tried passing it off to husband last year, but he isn't able to take calls at work. Only return them. So it was put back on me.
One day I received 7 calls at work between 8:30 and noon!


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Here is what the letter from difficult child read:

Today I broke Janiya's bracelet. I pushed her in the bathroom. I made a mean face at her. She made a mean face at me. Then I pushed her. It was not a nice thing to do. What should I do? I want to have friends.

Ya know, we talk about how to treat friends ALL the time because of how she behaves. Is it ever going to sink in? Before school started the teacher gave us a form to fill out with phone numbers, address etc. At the bottom it asked for concerns about this school year. I wrote that I was concerned that difficult child would not make any friends this year due to her impulsiveness and lack of good social skills. She turns 7 on Tuesday and we are having a birthday party for her on the 22nd. We are inviting all of her classmates. (by the way, it's not at my house!!) I seriously have a fear that noone will come because they don't like her.

I'm so tired. I haven't slept well in over a month. My back is killing me because I've been golfing far too much for my ability. I know, boo hoo! And my husband is making me INSANE!


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Two weeks is my marker for the end of honeymooning here as well. We are on day four today so I still have some time left :smile:

We totally understand.



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school started this past tuesday and on wednesday i got a call from the music teacher at my son's school .. He had had this class all kindergarten and I'd never heard from the teacher until wednesday when she called to tell me about a dramatic change in his behavior.
She was concerned because he was disagreeable and nasty to her ...


I have been in constant communication with his classroom teachers so they are aware and trying to deal the best they can - but music only meets once a week...


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Ugh. At least he could write down what he did and his confusion. I hate the behavioral calls. I would even rather the calls asking me to do x, y, or z for the class/school/PTA (that I have no energy for).

Actually, I hate phone calls period.

Is there anyway the teacher can email instead? Unless it is life-threatening?

Dunno, maybe I wouldn't want to open my email then either.




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I e-mail everything with the principal and teachers.This gives me the documentation on my end of whats going on and how it was delt with.I e-mailed the principal first requesting that they communicate with me via e-mail and I have'nt heard the phone ring unless it was the nurse.