First psychiatrist appointment. today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Nov 22, 2011.

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    We have our first psychiatrist appointment. this afternoon for difficult child. Not sure what to expect, but I have my fingers crossed that we have a good outcome. If anyone can give some insight as to what to expect that would be great. Worried that she is going to refuse to go. Or that we will get there, and nothing will happen. Hoping to have her start a different medication. She is on Zoloft and it seems to be doing nothing. Basically a bundle of nerves. So, if you don't mind send up a prayer, fingers crossed, whatever it is you do for a positive outcome today. Thanks.
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    I hope that it goes well for you and for difficult child.
  3. TerryJ2

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    Fingers crossed. You will probably just be giving a lot of history. Don't expect a lot the first time.
  4. buddy

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    Will be looking forward to your update. I truly hope it gives you a place to start. Luv, buddy
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    Well, after a very trying busy day, I finally have a few minutes to do an update. The psychiatrist spent most of the time with difficult child daughter. She then called us back and talked to us privately. She said she did not see any signs of bipolar. Big sigh of relief since paternal grandmother has it among many other dxs. She feels we are dealing with depression and anxiety. She did say she is not ready to say it is Major Depressive, but that it is Depression not otherwise specified. So for right now she upped her Zoloft to 125 mg. to see if it helps. We go back in 2 weeks for a medication followup. The psychiatrist does think we may need to either move to a different family of medications, or add something to the zoloft. We did get some bad news though. The psychiatrist did tell us that difficult child did have some suicidal thoughts. psychiatrist did say difficult child does not have a plan, and does not believe difficult child wants to harm herself, that she just had the thought. We do have a safety plan that we are putting in place just to keep her safe. The psychiatrist did not feel she needed partial or full hospitalization.
    The suicidal thoughts did throw me a little. Shows how much we didn't know. difficult child did tell me today that she didn't want to kill herself, but the thought came into her head. Said that she just felt so bad.
    Still have to find a therapist. I hate the waiting lists. Everyone says get her help, but when you try these same people say it can be up to a 3 month wait. Really!
    We talked about difficult child's previous cutting, and the psychiatrist said that if she started up again she would need a 2 week partial hospital. but that there is a waiting list there too. So we should just go ahead and sign up now. Nothing like optimism. So, I get to spend tomorrow on the phone trying to find a therapist that does not have a 3 month wait that is good at what they do, and signing her up for a partial hospital. stay that she may not need.
    Sometimes I feel like I am running on one of those hamster wheels. Running and Running but making absolutely no progress.
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    When I was on Zoloft it was augmented by Pamelor. My sister and I were also cutters, and I know there's a few here with kids that are/were, you're not alone in that corner.
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    I've always hated that there can be such long waits especially for mental health issues. We are really lucky that we've never had to wait long. Sending hugs your way and rattling beads you find a good therapist that is able to get difficult child in.