First rage in a long time

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difficult child had been having a really good day. I have been telling him for quite a while we need to sit down and write great grandma a thank you note for his birthday gift. He kept refusing. I told him we needed to stop putting it off and he could dictate to me-I would write it or type it for him. I wasn't expecting anything elaborate. Well he decided to get mouthy and started in with his name calling. When he called me an idiot I told him he was going to lose his game boy for the night and if he kept it up it would be longer.

Guess it was the wrong thing to do because he just lost it and punched me hard in the head (I have a nice bump :frown: ). husband had to restrain him as he kept trying to get back to me. We gave him an extra Loxapine which did seem to help.

I'm really bummed because he has been doing so well and I even posted about how he said he doesn't do violence anymore. I'm hoping this is just a blip and things go back to no more violence. We do have a psychiatrist appointment. on Wed. and I will bring it up then. It's interesting how things had been so much more peaceful (physically) and then this-it takes you back in an instant. :frown:


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:nonono: :thumbsdown:

So sorry he was violent with you....sending hugs

Hopefully tomorrow will be peaceful !!


Oh geesh, mine has been name calling sense he got out of the hospital, but luckily he's only abusing objects so far and not me.

<<HUGS>> One day at a time :warrior:


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:kisses: sending lots of hugs your way :kisses:

difficult child seemed to be doing so well here lately. I'm sorry it deteriorated today with him. Like you, I hope today was just a blip. Wishing you a better tomorrow.



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I'm so sorry this happened. Please know you are not alone. We too have had a great run until last night. I got hit a few times, but only on the arm and called stupid.

Hugs to you...


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Wiped out, I'm sorry he hurt you. :nonono: I wonder if it is the different structure since school let out. Our kids seem to melt down when things are different. Either too relaxed or too much change or too much excitement. Hopefully this is the blip and he will self regulate now.
Hang in there. </span>

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Sharon - Fran made a good point. kt has been hell on wheels since day treatment went on a break. Home just cannot provide the level of structure she needs so very much.

I hope you have a better day today.


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So sorry you had a bad time of it, but I too hope it will just be a blip on the radar and things will now level off again.

I know that our difficult child absolutely loathes writing anything - especially thank you notes. I bought a pack of cards from a kit some neighborhood kid brought around last year - they are thank you cards that are just outlined words/pics on the front - left for kids to color. I found that difficult child could manage to write a few words inside after he had had the fun of coloring the front of the card and decorating the envelope.

Other times, we have gone to a site I have written down somewhere where you can print any card you can think of - and matching envelopes, too. You can even type your message in the card before printing it. Mind you, he has sent some Yugioh (sp?) thank you notes to my 85 year old grandmother :crazy:, but she didn't seem to notice what was on the front, so it worked out okay.

I hope today is a better day - and meltdown free.



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Ouch! I am so sorry! I know exactly what you mean when you say it takes you back in an instant.
I agree with-Fran. We're having our own "vacation" issues.

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Thank you everyone. I appreciate all of your responses. I agree Fran that the change in structure probably has something to do with it. difficult child needs to be kept busier than busy and yesterday was a day we didn't have a lot planned. Today was much better. He went to the playroom at the health club, then to swimming lessons, and then an afternoon at the pool! Tomorrow will probably be another afternoon at the pool.

Starting next week he will be going to day camp for two weeks and then a week of wrestling camp. He then has one week with not much planned and then has another wrestling camp, more swim lessons, and one more week at day camp. Hopefully that structure will be good for him-I know it will be respite for us!