First RTI meeting Monday morning.

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  1. helpme

    helpme New Member

    ok, here goes. I requested a Full case study on my 12 year old easy child daughter
    on Oct 23. Her background

    K-a bumpy ride for her personally and a first year teacher did not help.
    1st- a nightmare after only one week, resulting in a FCS and qualifying
    only for Speech and Language. I determined that I would hold her back
    at this time, and she spent a year with me before returning the next year
    to first grade. Socially, doubling activities for a year, made it a godsend (I
    didn't know how to do it when I held difficult child 1 back in third grade) But I knew I
    had made the best choice for her.
    1st-4th Speech and Language IEP/ Title 1 Reading with some classroom

    5th-Discontinued Speech Services due to a pending move to a new school
    district and meeting expectations. Poor performance this year in a new SD
    for second semester, but made average grades. Went from new math to old
    fashioned math (worked). Went from free expression language arts classes
    to good old English (didn't work)

    6th-Contacted by SD to request placement in Reading 180 program and
    modified class size "team". Great, they see a problem (poor
    attendance due to difficult child 1 and now difficult child 2), low grades, low state scores. Okay..

    Then she starts really struggling. Hours of homework and tons of
    forgetfulness. I start hearing of RTI rather than discrepancy. Ugh.
    I research the different models. Ugh, I see benefits and limitations of both.

    difficult child 1 was SE from 2 1/2 yo until his father discontinued services at 16.
    I cried more over this than the numerous criminal charges. I cried because
    I knew it would help him get a real education, and the possible medical help
    he has always needed. I know the past SE policy, the arguments, the
    accommodations, the process.

    Current boyfriend says she is too 'social';, she needs to buckle down, needs to remember,
    needs to stop being so busy on the weekends, needs 2 hours of tutoring daily, etc.
    by the way, boyfriend has no kids. & boyfriend does not understand a Learning Disability (LD).

    I know she has something that makes her special. What parent of a Learning Disability (LD) kid
    doesnt have the moments of 'thank god, she finally remembered Some-thin!';
    What parent of a S/L Learning Disability (LD) doesn't let their kid interrupt constantly because
    they know if they don't, the kid will forget what they had to say, and break
    out in tears? But of course a parent with a Learning Disability (LD) kid will try over and over,
    patiently, to assist the child in 'doing better', 'finding/teaching a better way',
    or plopping themselves down to 'cope' at a place like this forum?

    Well, back to RTI. I know a daily resource class is probably necessary.
    But easy child 3 doesn't want to participate. I also know that even with the resource class,
    she is still falling further and further behind, in all subjects. I just think that a
    CS will finally show a S/L Learning Disability (LD) as well as other LDs. difficult child 1 had five to six
    different Learning Disability (LD)'s, and easy child 3 has the exact same tendencies. Some weakness showed
    in her first grade CS, but they were not prominent enough to justify SE.
    Just test her and I can go from there!!!

    But no, I think I have at least 8-12 weeks of data discovery, followed by more
    failing test scores, frustration, followed by a complete shutdown of both of us.
    We have the same science/math teacher who doesn't have a math book for
    the kids to follow, and doesn't help the kids with learning difficulties READ
    her own directions thereby creating a 50% test score fail rate from the get go.
    We also have such poor worksheet formats that if my kid was dyslexic I
    would cram the paper down her throat. We have a SS teacher who says the
    only way kids learn her material is to create their own flash cards (yea right,
    flash THIS, kids who can't meet state expectations on writing, or with writing
    LDs, etc. can't make the darn flash cards). We have a SE floating teacher
    who wants to provide 'modified tests and modified cheat sheets', to build easy child 3's
    self esteem and assist her in memory retention. No! You ain't modifying any of
    your half @**ed curriculum's until you tell me WHY my child would need that
    --> full case study please????

    You know what, I think this is just one OLD fashioned school district with
    people who just don't know any different. I asked for syllabus's only to be responded
    with 'we don't have those available for parents, but some teachers might have them up
    on the web site'. Blah, any kid with Learning Disability (LD)'s in reading should have the option of an
    accommodation to PRE-read their studies. Any kid struggling should not have even
    4 tests in one day (imagine 4 f's in one day! get real!) Let me tell you something,
    I already think this school district doesnt do CS because they dont want the parents
    having the power to make sure they provide FAPE.

    Oh by the way, easy child 3 insists she does not have any problems at school, and she says
    she doesn't want anyone messing with her steam! Says she can get mad at people
    (steam like from a tea pot) all by her self. She says she doesn't have any reason
    to get mad at anyone. ROTFL...anybody who has a Learning Disability (LD) kid or similar knows
    how they can things all jumbled up. Its hilarious.

    But we have one fine Reading teacher and Reading 180 program. Vocab, sentence
    structure, spelling, and grammar is getting better. AR tests let her use her notes
    and books, but she still bombs each and every one at a 590L score. This superb
    teacher (mom of 8) tutors her every morning for about 30 minutes before school.
    Its definately helping so I can see the need for the resource class, I just hate to
    see her miss anymore daily class time since Reading 180 is a two hour class.
    Resource would mean missing an exploratory class the entire semester. Band
    sessions already mean missing one PE and one exploratory a week.
    Sheesh, were is there anymore time to catch her up?

    Any help on getting through the RTI tiers faster? Case law does show that CS
    should be performed if biological siblings also have SE services.
    Or explaining to boyfriend about LDs? I feel like I am fighting him just like the SD.
    Or anything else that can help a worrying mom out?
  2. helpme

    helpme New Member

    here's an update...

    grades now A's and B's since we have only had one week of the new quarter.

    tons and tons of undocumented accommodations.

    Only heard the word 'data' once by the principal.

    After pressing the social worker for current status, she replied to
    'which tier are we on?' with a dumbfounded look and finally the reply,
    'Tier 1 placement but SE services under Tier 3', no formal CS necessary.

    No documentation as usually seen in attendance sheets etc for IEPs, and
    extremely difficult to get documentation sent to me about/after this meeting.

    Review in 6 weeks.

    I think they are at least taking me a bit, or a lotta bit, more seriously.
    I'm happy that she is doing a lot better though.
  3. Sheila

    Sheila Moderator

    RTi doesn't supplant an IEP. If she qualifies for an IEP, she should receive one.

    Remember that if you do not agree with the schools report, you can request an IEE.
  4. helpme

    helpme New Member


    But for me and the experiences I've had as a parent in
    my area, I'll accept the help she is being given by the
    SD without an IEP rather than fighting for a CS.

    To me, easy child 3 is now getting help 30 minutes every
    morning from the SE Reading Teacher and 75 minutes
    after school one afterschool session per week. The
    teacher only has one other student who has an IEP
    and requires the services. The teacher is also available
    4 days afterschool.

    So true, I should push for this to be documented in
    an IEP. But at least it is being documented in the RTI

    Personally, I think that a true teacher (who is also a parent)
    knows how to teach all kids, as long as they accept
    the fact that all children learn differently and are
    different from each other.

    I'd rather receive the services without a fight *which are
    helping*, than to fight for an evaluation. I'll be standing
    right by easy child 3 and fight for a CS that may or may not show a Learning Disability (LD)
    at the time, if ever, if she was not getting the help she needs.

    (I'll save my thoughts on the fact that the accommodations
    are good for ALL kids, because even kids without LDs,
    might just learn better utilizing some SE services well as my opinions on "testing"
    for a later thread)
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