First weekend with difficult child s boys


Well this last weekend we finally got to see our grandsons for the weekend. The 2 boys were so happy to see the family cousins aunts uncles. Of course we were all happy too. I worried alot that difficult child or her SO would call or show up at our place demanding to see her children what a relief she didnt. I was hard to hear my grandson tell us his step grandpa is mean to him his little brother and even his grandma. Threatening my older grandson, always spanking the 3 yr old. Yelling swearing and grandma. Gonna try and contact cfs and see if they will do some checking. So hard to take boys back to other grandparents. But have to make sure my grandbabies are so glad the court realized we deserved to have our grandsons for visits for now and hope as things progress we will be able to have them with us full time till or if our difficult child gets her life back on track. Id love to kick or shake her to get her to smarten up for her kids. Sorry just a angry moment when I see 2 little guys being hurt by their own mom and know she is putting them through so much in their lives.

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I am so glad that your grandsons got to spend some time with you but sorry to hear that things don't sound good at other grandparents home. Hoping that cfs intervention will serve as a deterent for negative behavior from step grandfather in the future.

I understand what you mean about difficult child parents putting the grandchildren through so much. This is not the life our grandchildren deserve!

Thinking of you...You're an awesome grandma.