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    Manster had an opportunity to earn extra credit in social studies. I think the teacher may have said it in jest but you know aspies lol. They were studying eskimos and he told them if they brought in a bag made out of fish skin they would get extra credit. So being the ultimate enablers we are, husband brought him to grocery store and they bought the cheapest fish they could find and manster skinned it as best he could and stitched it up on three sides.

    Not surprising that manster was the only kid who took him up on the offer.

    Whatever it takes :)
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    that was the funniest thing i've ever read.

    ::says the enabling woman who's kid would have been the only other kid besides manster to do it::
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    Way To Go! (Wish I were a fly on a wall in the staff room today, lol!)
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    Too funny! Be careful what one says in front of literal focused kids with enabling parents!

    Good for him and good for you to help him acheive it.
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    I can see Jett doing this...
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    my ex spent 5 months in Nome Alaska. If my youngest had been told this, he could have also brought in a whale vertebrae, a tooth from a baileen whale, numerous skins and native made items including some walrus tooth bilikins, and some ancient walrus ivory.
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    I wish my kids would do the extra credit, ANY extra credit. I hope Manster got a really good grade.
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    Oh.... my.... goodness!!! I *love* it!!!! You and husband get extra *extra* credit for being enabling parents in a good way! :rofl:

    I'm thinking the bag must've stunk to high heaven - how on earth did you get it to school???

    Yea, Manster, for getting the extra credit. I tell you what, I'd give my right arm for any of my kids to take this kind of initiative!
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    Well...good for you guys...all of you. Now...did you eat the fish? lol.

    If you need any antlers, just let me know. I will let you borrow some or I might have a small set around the house I could convince Tony to part with.

    If you need any other skins...ask and I can see if Jamie can hunt them down. He catches snakes all the time and skins them. Sometimes he finds other dead animals too.
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    ML, that's great!

    Miss KT would have wanted the extra credit...but she wouldn't touch the fish...
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    Add in my congrats from the only mom who would encourage her kid to do it because SHE would find it interesting.
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    Congrats to Manster!! That is AWESOME! I would have helped if my kids came home and wanted to do that. NOt sure I could as the smell of fish makes me intensely ill, but I would have tried!

    What did his teacher say? I hope he got a lot of points!! You and husband DO get extra points - it is NOT enabling, it is encouraging your child's education and interests!!!

    Reminds me of high school - my senior English teacher gave us points for anything that had a company logo on it that wasn't stolen. If you brought in something stolen you flunked AND he called the cops. One of my friends got a tombstone from a guy that formed a company and had his company logo on his headstone. It was at a post office auction for $10. It took 3 guys to get it out of his car onto the dolly and then up the stairs to the classroom, lol. THen the teacher offered a huge # of pts if we could research the guy and the company (local, went out of business long before I was born). So about 3 of us did - to the shock of our teacher we actually wrote a report on it.

    This is an awesome way to encourage Manster's education. He will ALWAYS remember that you and husband went so far to help him in school that you bought a fish and helped him make a fish bag!!!! I am sure your grandkids will hear about this one when they whine about the work they have to do for school, lol!!
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    Way To Go Manster (and Mom and Dad)!! I have the biggest smile on my face! I, too, would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the teacher's lounge to hear what was said! As an aside, I read this thread last night but was too tired to respond at the time. I went to sleep and dreamed I caught a fish! The dream has to be because of this thread-lol!
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    LOVE IT!

    (This is a GREAT story, too! I'm sure you'll be telling it for years to come...)