Fixing the "I Forgot"s and Kicking the "You didn't tell me" s out of the house!!


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We have had a great increase in the times the kids don't remember to do a chore or that they were told to do one. It isn't even always chores, but often that is because I pair a chore with a treat or fun thing. It just keeps getting worse and is driving husband and I nuts.

husband took me to the doctor's on Mon and we went to Sams. For $7 I got a pack of ten order books or guest checks. They are those 2 part carbonless order pads that some restaurants use. I write down whatever it is, give a copy to the kid/kids and keep one.

It also lets husband and I see what the other has asked the kids to do. Well, told them to do but phrased it politely.

For those of you who don't know offhand what the order book is, here is the link to the Sam's Club page:
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I wish I thought that would help even part of my issues but maybe I will go buy one single book obf them at the dollar store. I think I have seen them there from time to time. If not, they cant go for much at Walmart.

Just tonight we had a major blowout here. Somehow a can of chicken broth got missing from my pantry along with a bag of frozen broccoli florets. These were planned for dinner so I told Billy to just go to the store and get another package of some frozen dinner he had already bought last week but he only bought enough for two people. We needed another package. When he left, I told him to also pick me up two bags of marshmallows. Those have become my nightly snack since I cant chew well anymore. Now he darned well heard me because he repeated it going out the door.

He called me from the store asking me which type of frozen dinner did we have at the house,rice or noodle type..I told him noodle type...he said oh...they only have the rice one now..I said it will be fine, we can each pick what we want. I also said...DONT FORGET MY marshmallows. He just laughed. Guess what. He gets home, I hear him putting the food in the oven, I get a call from Tony's boss so I go looking for Tony and I find out....He forgot my marshmallows! Oh...but he didnt forget to pick up HIS snacks!

Tony comes back inside and I told him what happened and I gave him a choice. Either he gets in the car and goes and gets my marshmallows or he tells Billy to do it because I wasnt going out to do it but I wanted them since I had asked for them when he went out the first time.

Billy was sent out.


Sounds like an awesome idea. And creative!! How's it working? I might have to start something like that if it works for you.

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Great idea Susie, but I'd probably lose the book. lol Those things didn't work with my kids. Neither did the "I forgot" or "you didn't tell me" thing. But i will say those 2 excuses get old.

Janet, enough of that and either Billy will learn to think of someone other than himself, or he'll move out. lol Keep forcing Tony to deal with his behavior, and it won't be long before he backs you up because he'll be sick of dealing with it himself. I'd have done the same thing. ugh


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Well, all I got for my troubles was a very angry Tony at me last night! Billy is very passive aggressive but Tony doesnt see it. He tends to take what Billy does and blame me for it.