Floored by the difficult child-A's request

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Mom2oddson, Feb 1, 2010.

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    Today we go to court for difficult child-A's MIP (Minor in possesion/consuption of alcohol). On Saturday, 48 hours before court....difficult child-A calls and asks me if it's okay if he and a few of his buddies come to our house and get drunk! DUH...?

    I said NO of course. Don't know what he did that night.

    I'm just speechless that someone could even think for a moment that drinking 48 hours before an MIP court date would be a good idea. Oh, I guess the key word in that sentence was "think"...obviously, difficult child-A doesn't think.
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    Yikes! DDD
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    Forever pushing those boundaries...:faint:
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    Sheesh. :faint:
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    Sometimes they just need to hear the word "no" and have the comfort in knowing they don't control the entire universe. Seriously. Sometimes I think these kids are frightened of their own power, their power of choice and inability to trust themselves to make good ones.
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    Let's just say that if you want a definition of the word 'chutzpah' you just got it.